Fav Movie Directors, do U have one?

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  • talesin

    yes, yes!

    oh, LWT, you made me think of another Sidney, recently passed,,, Sidney Pollack,,, I loved his stuff, and an excellent actor, too.

    ahh, cs, Mike Nichols! the actor's director ... as well as Robert Altman, lwt ,, he, too, wears that moniker!


    and, I like about 50% of his movies, including Talk Radio, Born on the Fourth of July, Wall Street and Natural Born Killers --- Oliver Stone (edit).

    not a big Tarentino fan, but like the Kill Bill I and II

    yr right, cs, with Hitchcock, too,,, they never get old!

  • Glander

    Odd that no one mentions Orson Wells. But he just didn't follow through on his promising beggining with Citizen Kane.

    Mann was/is a great action director in the same class as Peter "Bullitt" Yates.

    Just to mention him once more, Ridley Scott never dissapoints.

    By the way, speaking of action, the just released, "The Driver" with Ryan Gosling is getting great reviews. Newcomer director ?

  • creativespirit

    Oh, Burns would probably not be classified as director, probably producer or documentarian.

    GREAT Civil War series. Tho I can't watch it much bc it is so tragic and I end up crying so much. Humanity is so stupid.

    Tal, you are Canadian if I recall?? Maybe he would not resonate so much with you since his subjects are usually so American.

  • talesin

    Yes, and Scott came from TV as well.

    True about Welles, one movie has made him a legend, but it's hard to make him one's fav director on one project.

    Interesting, Glander, Yates directed a couple of my fav films. I looked him up, and didn't know they were his. :D


  • talesin

    cs,, I haven't had cable most of my life (too cheap :D) and missed the civil war one, but the baseball/sports et al didn't interest me. Maybe I'll check out the historical stuff, as I am interested in that. tks .. it's all free and legal for us Cdns on the 'net (hehe, just had to rub it in)


  • poppers

    not sure about Burns -- is he a director or producer?

    Both. He does amazing work.

    I know he does films on sports, but sorry, other than the titles (Baseball, eg.) I know nothing. :(

    Hardly any sports. Check this out:


  • creativespirit

    Nice talking to you Talesian....

    I am checking out for the night.

    Do catch the Civil War series if you can...well worth it.

  • talesin

    poppers ,,, I am bookmarking that article ... wow! so many great topics ,, jack johnson, national parks, mark twain, flw,, etc. thanks for the link.

    hey, cs, you got somethin' started! :D


  • discreetslave

    Stanley Kubrick

    Martin Scorsese

    George Cukor

    Elia Kazan

    Sam Mendes

    Coen Brothers

    Clint Eastwood

    Federico Fellini


  • Pistoff

    In order:

    Stanley Kubrick, if only for Dr Strangelove

    Ingmar Bergman (esp for The Seventh Seal)

    Sidney Lumet

    Chris Nolan (Memento, The Prestige, Dark Knight, Inception)

    Sam Peckinpah

    Quentin Tarentino

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