Fav Movie Directors, do U have one?

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  • talesin

    second attempt here,

    Let me know YOUR favs... :D

    I love to watch flicks, and whether they are famous or obscure, would love to see your favs (exception, I don't watch zombie films, sorry, except for Bodysnatchers).

    thanks to ms. berengeria,,, you made me think of this ..

    Sir David Lean is one of my top 10 directors.

    My favorite film EVER ,, no messin' around, I mean this,,,

    Doctor Zhivago .

    The book is great, too, written by Boris Pasternak, the real Dr. Zhivago, and dedicated to his beloved Lara.

    Sir David made many great films, including ....

    Okay, let's talk The Bridge on the River Kwai (historical fiction at its best) ...

    Da Dah! Da Da Da DAH! DAH!DAH! (think whistling and David Niven!)

    Ummm, can you say Lawrence of Arabia?

    Older stuff, one of my fav B&W's,,, Oliver Twist .... you want MORE? And another Dickens,,, Great Expectations, with John Mills ...

    I have to mention Brief Encounter, for any who share my love of Sir David Lean's films.

    enough already

    There are many great directors; another of mine is Norman Jewison, and also, I think Kevin Smith is the BOMB.


    just so y'all don't think I'm a movie snob,,,, my other BEST MOVIE EVER is a combination between

    STAR WARS (duh, of course!),,, STAR TREK THE WRATH OF KHAN (KKKHHHAAAAANNN!!!!!) ... and

    HEAVY METAL ---- I mean, Hell, the hero is a GURL~!!!

    Heavy metal NOISE .............


  • AllTimeJeff

    Copolla, for the Godfather movies alone.

    Scorcese rarely misses.

    I think Steven Soderbergh is very underrated.

  • shamus100

    Larry Clark.

  • Glander

    David Lean belongs near the top.

    Michael Curtiz

    John Ford

    William Wyler




    Ridley Scott





    * a mixed bag. The good ones were very good.

  • talesin

    Jeff, I agree! the coppola family lives on, as well, in Nic and Sophia ....

    shamu, I have only seen one of his movies, Another Day in Paradise, but will check out more (love being Cdn & having d/l legal!!!!)


  • creativespirit

    Well Spielberg would be the obvious.

    But before I even read the posts I thought Scorcese.

    Then I thought, of course Coppola, as GF 1 is my alltime favorite movie. GF 2 was great too.

    I also loved Lost in Translation so Sophia follows in father's footsteps. She has a ways to go but I have faith.

    Does Ken Burns count? I love his work too.....

  • leavingwt

    Sidney Lumet

    Robert Altman

    Ron Howard

  • creativespirit

    And if we are going back in time, what about Hitchcock?

  • creativespirit

    And what about Mike Nichols?

  • talesin


    I love Curtiz!!!

    And the rest of your list is one I would have to agree with (wavering on Peckinpah)

    Want to give a shout out to Michael Mann, who started out as a star w/ Miami Vice, and went on to do some awesome action films ...

    cr ... yes! spielberg, I remember my first .... :D

    and scorcese ... Goodfellas , what a movie!

    not sure about Burns -- is he a director or producer? I know he does films on sports, but sorry, other than the titles (Baseball, eg.) I know nothing. :(


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