If JW's Should Be Accountable For Their Sordid History.....

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  • trailerfitter

    I agree,... all religions should be held accountable for past actions and theis should cover algovernments too.

    With regards to the JWs.You need to look at the claims of the Watchtower and the accusations they themselves put out about other religions or better put...their competitors. I can think of 2 accusations off the top of my head. Religion is a snare and a racket is one slogan and ideal the WT use for starters.

    The WT say they are the "one true religion" and anyone who is not with them is not going to live in paradise earth. In literature I have just glanced at , the Watchtower are very quick to point out the Roman Catholic churches' involvement with the third reich. The RC church were responsible for some horrifying attrocities done in the name of religion, and in the name of Satan.

    Okay, we know about past but we are looking at now in the 21st Century. Whilst peadophiles are in the RC church we need to highlight that the JWs are no different. The same thing is going on. This intollerance and hypocracy being emmitted from the ones who can shout quite loud about human rights and religious freedoms are themselves bigots.

    Atheism is a growing in the USA. The UK already are not accepting the church and the churches are suffering here. Porblem is you get rid of one bunch of marauding christians only to find the vacuum is being filled with another more extream sort with the same ideals and attitude to apostates and worldly folk who apparently are influenced by satan. I am very much an atheist after coming into contact with the JWs...the truth did come to light as I was forced to think about it. No God No DEvil and life is so quiet and more relaxed.

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