The Solon Association!

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  • insearchoftruth

    would love a link to the lost golden age magazines!!!

  • reslight2

    Regarding Russell's first testimony concerning the Solon Company, I believe that at the time he really did not remember anything about it. The Solon Company only existed for a very short period of time and was a failure; its goal was to provide funds for the ministry of the Watch Tower Society. Russell had a lot of things on his mind in between that would have overcrowded the significance of the name that had been chosen for a company that no longer existed, and which, with the many other ongoing activities that were much higher in significance, the name "Solon" became a faded memory.

    This same thing has happened to me regarding things I have said, people I have known, etc., and this if often the case with people who have high levels of mental activity. I have seen similar events happen with account executives who have so much on their mnds that something they considered relatively insignificant had become totally forgotten until someone else refreshed their memory.

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