"God is Love" vs. "Mentally Diseased" vs. Pink Lingerie

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  • designs

    There were definite marked differences within the Society and the friends during the decades of the 50s 60s 70s and 80s. The Peace On Earth International Assemblies marked the end of an era, you could sense it and you saw it in action with profound social changes like No More Congregation Picnics. The 70s were just plane spooky with the lead-up to 1975 and Fred trying to cover his tracks and the awful aftermath, and then of course Ray leaving Bethel and the Witch Hunts of the 80s taking place with massive Disfellowshippings and friends turning in friends it became our McCarthy era.

  • Sulla

    The JWs of the 50s, perhaps, serving as models of tolerance and unity.

    It is an interesting habit that some JWs have of pretending that, back when they joined/were active/took it seriously, things were different. People were nicer or the elders were less psycho or the literature was not so nutty or whatever.

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    'Its an interesting habit'. I don't know how long you were a JW but the 80s, after Ray and Ed were Disfellowshipped, started a marked escalation in Disfellowshipping for Apostasy.

  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    The fact that they put menatlly diseased in little " " thingies means that JWs will say "Oh well they were spwaking METOPHORICALLY", so it's ok to them. They don't realize how offensive it still is.

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