Jehovah's Witnesses Are A Silly Religion!

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  • WTWizard

    Silly, maybe. Stupid, definitely.

    Their doctrines may be absurd. But, they are not enforced lightly--break one, and your life may be ruined by the hounders at their discretion.

    They also ruin lives with their stupidity. They keep people from making friends outside their organization. They make people afraid of holidays to the point where they are afraid of things that tangentially pertain to such. (I could probably start something that would make strawberries and kiwi fruits a disfellowshipping offense in the congregation, if I was a hounder.) Children cannot participate in after-school events, and many parents are guilted out of letting their witless children participate in field trips. Vacations are wasted pio-sneering. College and other pre-career training are as good as banned. These short-sighted doctrines and viewpoints actually ruin people's lives and ensure destitution and stagnation in old age.

    As for silliness, all it takes is one person to suggest that eating strawberries and kiwi fruits is celebrating Christmas in New Zealand and mention it to a hounder on a power trip, and you have the New Zealand Christmas celebration banned in that congregation. Even if that congregation is in the northern hemisphere. That is "silly". Everything else is stupid to malicious.

  • trailerfitter

    WTwizard.. You have stated something that I have read about and not seen as of yet. My wife hasn't been baptised yet but she still talks to her friends. Her bible teacher and co twister of the truth always talks about the books she has and studies which I thought would have been considered apostate material.. Do you think there is some wool being pulled over my eyess over these books and do you think my wife will be asked to break contact with her friends when she is baptised>???

  • wobble

    It is a silly religion, and I like to use the word "silly" about it as much as possible, the word has much power, people don't like to be thought of as silly.

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  • minimus

    Shirley, who are you, anyway??

    Mankkeli, thanks for your comment.

    Shirley, who are you, anyway??.....Minimus

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    Hey Minimus . . . who are you ??

    I'm ex JDub just like everyone else here, so, does the same apply to you also, are just what kind of answer are you looking for (as if you're owed an explanation to begin with)

    Funny Outlaw !!

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    Shirley, I already reached that astronomical amount. You seem to be irritated by my postings. That's ok. I don't know you. Your view is consequential to me, so fire away, Shirl.

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    Outlaw, I don't picture shirley as being that attractive. it can't be her pic. LOL


    Good morning Shirley!..

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