Are you estranged from a parent or child?

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  • wannabefree

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  • moshe

    Well, my adult son has decided he doesn't want to talk to me- it's been over a year since we last talked on the phone. He was high on something and told me that when I stopped helping him materially he had no motivation to keep a father-son relationship going. Both he and my daughter were upset when my new wife and I adopted a 3 year orphan girl from Russia in 2003. I had a talk with them and explained that I would not be able to help them out financially anymore- no more passing on a used car to them when I got a new one, etc. My daughter got over it, but my son didn't, it seems. I email him, but he never responds- just like a JW would do when they are shunning someone. I think he is subconsciously acting out a drama he probably saw at a WT assembly. He won't respond to a short email- what's new- how are you? So I am at a loss for what to do and have basically left the ball in his court.

    My Jewish friends from PA have a son who has not spoken to them in over 4 years- they asked their son to not marry a certain girl ( good reasons) and when he married her and when the bad things did come true, he cut off his parents. It's not just a JW thing- it happens to a lot of families.

  • NVR2L8

    I agree with you happens to a lot of families...but there is always a "valid" reason in the eye of your family member to stop talking to you. With the JWs the shunning is unilateral...meaning that you cross the WT and your whole circle of friends and family turn on you. The worse thing is that they don't even know what was your transgression...they are just told that so and so is no longer a JW...and that is enough. The WT is right and you are wrong without the opportunity to debate or expose the facts. This is especially true for apostates who are mentally deseased without a medical diagnostic. Most JWs don't even know what claims are made by apostates...they decide to support the WT without knowing the facts. Proverbs says that someone who makes a decision before hearing all the evidence is a fool.

    As far as being estranged to a child, I was for over 10 years...The first thing I did when I found out the truth about the truth is to contact that child and apologize for the pain I caused due to my stupidity. Today we see each other as often as possible...we are 600 km away.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Amazingly, I'm not and neither are my kids.

    The JW family know we don't go and aren't leading JW lives, yet they are still in contact and reassure us of their love.

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    Both my Loving JW Christan Children have not spoken a word to me in YEARS!!!!!!!!!

    My Daughter who is in her 20's has not spoken to me since she was 13......

    Praise Jehovah....

    the God of Understanding and Love!!!!

    I NEVER did anything .....except leave the "Truth".

    What a Wonderful and Inspiring way of life Our Loving Father Jah has provided!!!

    My Heart has turned to Stone!

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    My family does not, however, miss an opportunity to re-convert us.

    That part is irritating.

  • wannabefree

    Charlie Brown, did you consider signing up?

  • cyberguy

    I haven't spoken to my brother in while. Yeah, the CULT keeps us from talking. Let's hope time will change this!

  • wannabefree
  • White Dove
    White Dove

    It's so unfair.

    Upon our birth, our families of born-ins expected their religion to be as permanent upon us as their ethnicity is upon us.

    We are expected to not make any choice at all.

    They feel their religion is an ascribed one upon the next generation.

    They enforce this unlike any other mainline religion.

    It is by brute force that they keep people in.

    Threats and fear and in practice, shunning, too.

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