Bizarre 'Spirit anointed' v. 'Spirit appointed' explanation in Dec 15th WT

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  • RagingBull

    Its just more garbage to confuse everyone. You would think that NO ONE would ever mess up their chance at the "HEAVENLY HOPE", right?, to me people who say they are annointed....are all full of SHYT. How come there are no articles giving the experiences of ones who were/are annointed??? What was it like when they were selected? What happened in that moment when they found out?? Yeeeeeah, BS!

  • Bella15

    I would love to hear the testimonies of the "annointed ones" and hear how they new they were selected too. It appears to me that during certain period, before they came up with the other class, every JW as going to heaven ... mostly white americans though ... see I am latin and I remember growing up in my country, which by the way back in the 70s was very "anti-yankees". and seeing mostly white americans in their publications made me wonder and not really liking them.

  • heathen

    I agree they should explain themselves, the early christians had no problems giving proof they were what they claim to be such as prophesy and speaking in toungues . That article did nothing to enlighten anybody on the topic more or less stating we should not bother them by asking if they see any signs that would be considered super natural even . They do seem to drop hints here and there , such as when the apostle Paul talks about meeting the lord in the air is not a rapture but rather being on earth . There are so many obvious frauds as to this anointing thing , why would they be afraid of being criticized or made fun of? God is judge ,not man .

  • DagothUr

    Get over it, people, no one is going to rule Earth! When a person dies, spirit anointed or not, he/she just feeds the worms for eternity. There is no God, no ressurection, no nothing. Stardust we are, into stardust we go, may God bless the credulous and the ignorants.

  • heathen

    here we go again these people that think this board is here for them to be insulting instead of a place to disguss things .If you don't want to discuss the topic please go else where.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Spirit Appointed = 110 volts of HS
    Spirit Annointed = 220 volts of HS

    Or am I wrong?......

  • EmptyInside

    Well,evidently,Sister Wrinkly,even though,she is of the the annointed class,will have to wait when she receives her reward in heaven. There is no gender in heaven,so only then,can she rule over others without a head covering. Down here on earth,she has to go in that car group that baptized 10 year old boy assigned for her.

  • RayPublisher

    "Sister Wrinkly"? I LOVE IT Mr. Cedars--- thank you for this thread- such is the logic of the GB, as twisted as a slinky...

  • DagothUr

    Insulting? What exactly are the words that insult you? Christians are sooooo easily insulted by anything that does not share in their delusion. You're Muslim? Insulting! Buddhist? Insulting! Atheist? Damn, that's twice as insulting! Speaking about a thing that has no witnesses, that is insulting! Has anyone actually saw the holy spirit? Or has anyone seen a resurrected person?

  • cedars

    DagothUr, I think heathen was merely making the point that we could be here all day if we are debating about what the Society teaches in relation to whatever it is you choose to believe NOW about the anointed. The point of this post, and others, is to show how illogical and inexplicable the Society's own teachings are about the anointed in relation to themselves. Many people who are no longer Witnesses still cherish the hope that there is life after death in some form, and dogmatically insisting that there is absolutely nothing after death may well be regarded as an insult to such people. I personally haven't made my mind up either way, but I still think it's important to be respectful of other people's beliefs, something the Society fails miserably at.

    Breakfast of champions - I think it actually goes something like this (listen to me, I sound like Run DMC)... "check this out":

    Spirit Appointed = 500 volts of HS

    Spirit Anointed = 50 volts of HS now (to say "you're picked"), 950 volts of HS when they get to heaven

    Spirit Anointed GB members (x7) = 1000 volts of HS now and forever....

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