"Unscriptural to say a former child abuser could never enjoy exemplary privleges of service." Oh really?

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  • manicmama


    Yes all the states are different, but what I meant to imply was towards the watchtower, if the states look at an offender as having to stay on that list for the rest of their life, what gives the GB the right to think that they are rehabilitated? The government looks as once an offender they must always be watched. What gives the JW's the right to imply, oh well, that was a long time ago, they're fine now? I would want to know if my children were in harms way. But yes, most JW's trust whatever the brothers say as God's word.


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Their reasoning, which has some legal merit, is that the offender is complying with Caesar's laws but JW rules are a different category. The GB sets JW rules. Nowhere in the Bible is pedophilia mentioned, IMO. Regardless of the lack of express mention, the entire Bible shows regards for human civilization and protection of the underdog. Jesus and the apostles did not have Victorian notions of cherubic children. Children were valuable but put to work as soon as possible. They were a drag on the economy and had very little status. Suffer the little children to come to me was radical. Jesus valued children more than the culture in which he was immersed. The Psalms are little with references to children. They focus on little itsy bitsy statements and miss the main purpose of the Bible.

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    Under "extending privileges," the Elders Index references two more recent letters, namely the 3/14/97 and 8/9/10 letters. Does anyone know if either of these two letters changes their position?

    Repeating my post...does anyone know if either of these two BOE letters changed their position on the matter?

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Justitia Themis

    I am sorry I just saw your post on this. I do not know what the two newer BOE letters say but from what happened to me I would say that they are still pushing it under the rug at least as of 2009.

    In my hall the PO COBE was letting the child molesters do what ever they wanted. In fact one time to COBE followed me out to my car and told me that he had direct contact with the brothers in Brooklny on how to handle this. I looked as him and said loudly oh really then! So they are telling you to send aserial rapist door to door with out an elder. I said this really loudly in the parking lot and it was as both congregations were leaving for field service. The COBE just threw his hand up in the air in disgust of me.

    I know I wrote to Bethel more times then I can count begging them to stop this pedophile and nothing happened so either the elders lied or else they really do not care about children.

    I think it is a lot of both.

    manicmama point taken thanks.


  • flipper

    The only privilege a former child abuser should have is getting a heated steel rod crammed up their anus. Just my 2 cents

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