I've completely revamped my business website

by JeffT 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • AwareBeing

    Hay Jeff;

    Some web programs have a place to click,

    so you can save a hard copy of your settings to your own PC.

    Please try that before scraping it, you may want it latter. AB

  • JeffT

    Aware being, the contact page was part of the template. I can always resurrect it. My business card already uses a similar font. I may just change it to the one I'm using on the webiste. Good idea about adding the picture.

    I was advised to write the bio in third person, I like the idea of combining that with the mission and philosphy and maybe move rencet projects right next to it.

  • mummatron

    Hi Jeff,

    I've only had a quick glance, plus it's late here and I'm pretty tired after my children's night-time antics last night, however one thing which did stick out was on this page you have written " Queue the sound of the needle dragging across the record". Sorry to be nit-picky but I believe that should be "Cue...".

    Your degree sounds interesting, perhaps you'd care to elaborate how it relates to what you do now in your 'About Us' section. You may wish to consider changing the title to 'About Me' or 'About Jeff' unless you have other partners/employees, in which case, add a brief paragraph about them too. Your site has a calm and friendly feel to it, so I would also recommend adding a little something to humanise your bio as I would imagine you would be developing close business relationships with individual clients so the personal touch may help establish a rapport with potential clients before you even converse. Perhaps a few words on your hobbies and interests (golf?) and maybe interject a little humour but nothing too sarcastic or 'out there'.

    I'd also consider setting up Facebook and Twitter pages for your business and adding buttons for them onto your site (see their Help topics). It will increase your search engine ratings if nothing else.

    Finally, if you're not already familiar with Jakob Nielsen's work, I thoroughly recommend having a read of his website and books. Particularly the page on the Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design.

    Good luck!

  • ekruks

    just needs some graphics ....a logo, some photos

  • shamus100

    I agree, maybe a few more photos, but other than that, quick, clean, to the point which is what you want.

    It appears a little boring, but giving out financial advice is supposed to be boring. ;) Unless you wrestle aligators or something and you could have your picture on there with a gnarled face holding it's maw shut. Maybe some awful music plays when you click on the website... well, on second thought...

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