Does your product contain blood? 1960/70's twottery!!

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  • erbie

    They really are idiots!

    Fact; only meat from an animal that has been killed by having its throat cut is truly blood free. The throat is cut while the heart is still pumping so that all or most of the blood is 'blead' out. These methods are not now used as more humane methods are employed, such as stunning prior to death by electrocution. This is why there is always blood in the meat.

    Sorry to spoil your day folks. It's a nasty business I know, but a fact of life nevertheless. This is why Jews and Muslims are a lot more fussy about their meat.

    Just another example of the Watchtower's partial knowledge of all things. As we say in the UK, jack of all trades but master of none.

    They know everything about everything but understand nothing.

    My parents were farmers by the way so I have had much experience in these matters.

    Keep up the good work of exposing these clowns!

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Not forgetting ply wood...

    wasn't the glue said to be blood based?


  • Heartofaboy

    'Hales' cakes were always suspect as the dubbies thought they had blood in them.

    Anything from 'Richmond' was suspect. I knew a sister that wrote to the company & received a very curt response.

  • punkofnice

    erbie - Too true. The WBT$ makes their rules based on what? On stupidity is what!

    Auzzie - Ply wood glue? Wouldn't surprise me, it really wouldn't. Give these idiots a bit of power and we see how daft they are when they throw it about!

    See full size image

  • sizemik
    WALLS products, ice cream and sausages, were always top of the list for containing blood. . . . St George of England

    Good memory! . . . I recall the Walls brand name getting a hammering even down here in little ol' NZ

    blood & bone fertilizer was banned, I think, I know my parents refused to use it, & others in the congregation. . . . finallysomepride

    Yep . . . remember that one too . . . it pissed me off at the time as it was a favourite of mine . . . my study conductor frowned and pointed it out when he saw it in my shed. I missed it more than oral sex . . . nah not really.

  • mummatron

    I had this in the 80's too. I was made to check the ingredients list on sweets and anything I ate away from home. The big forbidden thing in my congregation was cochineal. If I ever had a packet of Iced Gems I wasn't allowed to eat the pink ones and had to throw them in the bin! "My religion forbids me to eat pink Iced Gems"...Try explaining that one to your school friends!!! Of course John the Baptist would have bled all the locusts prior to eating them!

    I remember my Gran bought some expensive hair conditioner once in the 90's and wouldn't use it after she read it contained 'serum'.


  • ambersun

    Ooh this thread brings back some memories which still makes me blush with shame!!

    I can remember at the age of 15 on a family vacation, reaching the front of a queue for ice cream and asking the obligatory question "excuse me, but can you assure me your ices do not contain any blood?" The look of stunned bewilderment on the face of the vendor and the chuckles from the queue behind me still makes me cringe with embarrassment

    We had to check all our food packets and tins for ingredients. Anything with lecithin, or words we couldn't understand and therefore could mean blood, were chucked out. Absolutely no red or pink sweets were allowed, so every packet of smarties had to be tipped out and sorted through before being given to the little ones to eat!

    There was actually a rumour going round our congregation that plans were in motion to inject every food product, even fresh fruit, with blood so that JWs would be forced to eat blood or starve. I was absolutely scared to death!!!

    It's no wonder I developed hypertension at an early age

  • punkofnice

    sizemik - I missed many a good ice cream because of my parent's fear and phobia.

    mummatron - You may now stock up on pink iced gems!

    ambersun -

    It's no wonder I developed hypertension at an early age
    the answer is wait on Jar Hoover, he'll vacuum the problems up eventually.........not!

    This thread has just made me realize the level of superstition there is even in urban myth in the JWs. They claim to worship JarHoover in purity and without superstition...........................but.......................................

  • sizemik

    Just a thought . . . compare those days with the current "allowance" of blood fractions.

    Oh how far they have come!

  • punkofnice

    sizemik - Answer = just a fraction!

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