Does your product contain blood? 1960/70's twottery!!

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  • punkofnice

    Jag-Bass - Sorry about your teeth. Ask the WBT$ for dental bill costs, I hear they're loaded.

    BluesBro - Perhaps Jag can have mars bar fractions now??

    Incognito - Perhaps we can have Soya bean fractions?

    BoC - We didn't get Hershey bars over here (probably still don't), now Hershey fractions....Hmmmmmmmmm. I see a confectionary JW law in the making!

  • NVR2L8

    For us it was Dairy Queen ice cream, peperoni pizza, Weston sliced bread, hot dogs unless the saussage was Schneiders....I remember brothers asking about the origin of the meat they were served at our they were afraid we would serve them disaproved food. A few times some were shocked that I ate peperoni pizza and we had to be careful not to eat something that could stumble others....what a bunch of lunatics we were!


    Hey Punk..

    It was the same in Canada..

    JWs Questioned anything eatable..

    People thought JWs were nuts..They were right..

    Your sure there's no Blood in this Apple..


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Kosher food would have been a solution. I wonder if the GB would like to steer away from the blood doctrine completely but blood is so mega in JW culture, they dare not.

    I recall Ray franz' analysis of the fractions. All the hemophiliacs who died under old light which was then new light. They never kept a database of people who wrote to them to clarify the new position. I feel the names and other idenitfying info of the brothers who determined blood policy should have been made public, including the names of those who corresponded with the rank and file.

  • ohiocowboy

    We weren't allowed to have Jack in the Box Milkshakes because of the blood rumour, and when I lived in Winnipeg, most hot dogs were off limits though I usually wouldn't eat them anyway as I knew too much about how they were produced as well as the ingredients....

  • finallysomepride

    Hot dogs


    eggs with blood spots

    certain meat pies

    meat balls

    cat/dog food, don't know why they should pick on those for as animals ate blood in the wild when hunting for food.

    blood & bone fertilizer was banned, I think, I know my parents refused to use it, & others in the congregation.

  • MrFreeze

    But if the food had blood fractions in it, they are okay to eat.

  • punkofnice

    NVR2L8 - Typical!! All the best food ruined by the rumour mongers in the bOrg! Is there nothing they don't want to ruin, food, the Bible...PEOPLES LIVES!!

    Outlaw - Yes. I remember the congo overseer got a rude letter from one manufacturer for being impertinent about their product. How happifying! PS. Now you mention it a Sister asked me if it was ok to eat blood oranges. I was very surprised..............looking back I don't know why I was surprised, she'd had her 'mind cleansed' by the WBT$!

    BotR - Kosher food, halal, all safe. I agree 100% transparency enforced on the WTB$ would do them good! This would make those 7 paedo-protecting men and their suck ups TOTALLY responsible for their actions and words. That'd change things!

    Ohiocowboy - Milk being banned is bizarre to the max. I don't do hotdogs, testicles aren't my favourite thing to eat.

    FSP (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) - That reminds me of the Bro who was worried about feeding his fruit tree with blood. What a twot!

    MrFreeze - At a fraction of the cost we'd hope!

  • skeeter1

    What about fertilizers! Plants couldn't be fed blood either!

    - This was sooooo frickin stupid. I mean, if Jehovah wrote in the bible that 'blood was to be poured on the ground', doesn't it follow that blood is meant to be fed to plants!


  • punkofnice

    skeeter - Agreed! The more I look at the weird rules is the more I see the WBT$ as the destructive cult it really is. Otherwise sane people buying in to an insane life! Not happifying!

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