JWs and hard times

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  • xelder

    The developed world is having hard economic times. So, for a while now JW's have been voicing the familiar "it can't go on...things are so hard". I'm in the USA, and the economics are tough, relative to this country. But we are far above the conditions in most of the world through most of history. The convenient line of the JW is "the end is close because it's hard". Haha....tell that to a person in a third world country.

    It's been a while since I heard "things are so smooth....peace and security. It must be close since things are so good"

    Either way, they have a line to use. But they howl more when things are hurting. Too bad the GB has left so many with little retirement and no skills.

  • N.drew

    Hi! I am with you. They look forward to the Great Tribulation because they believe then we will see that God is on their side. I always wondered about that while I was "in". I told them about the worst people in the third world war ravished country, impossible to get any worse, why are you looking forward to tribulation? AND isn't it the Governing Body saying come to us for "peace and security"?

  • DaCheech

    you are 110% correct.

    when there's peace, they quote scripture "a"

    and when there's hard times, they quote scripture "b"

    they're classic complainers, they blame all on others.............. like passing the buck

  • N.drew

    I have a theory. It is the Jehovah's Witnesses that say "peace and security", then how is sudden destruction on them? They are also pictured in Revelation as the one seated upon the white horse. (notice he has a bow, but no arrows and he "was given a crown", not heavenly, by by the people, like Saul). They are them who are mis-leading and being mis-led, as we can see the Governing Body is nothing without it's people. I am going to do a stretch and say that it was born by the dragon "raping" the kingdom hope (Revelation 12:2). That is how Jehovah's Day came as a thief. The crown was given to the child produced by the dragon and the hope. The reason why I believe so, is the dragon was present at the birth. Why would the dragon want the child destroyed? Really? IJCN

  • Lore

    Times are SO tough. . . I've had to cancel cable and switch to Neflix!

    These are truly the last days!

    Times aren't tough. We're living like KINGS compared to every other time period in human history.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Russell wrote in the late 1890's that conditions were so bad he couldn't see how the world could possibly continue on until 1914.


  • N.drew

    The theory can't be right, because it means the Bible is SMART? OK, you guys!

  • sir82

    A US citizen living below the poverty line enjoys a lifestyle far superior to what any human on the planet had for 99.9999% of the time that humans have existed on earth.

    Saying things are "hard" in 2011 compared to say 1999 is like saying "The Empire State Building weighs so much less today than yesteday!" when a paint chip flakes off the flag pole on top.

  • AwareBeing

    That's a good point xelder , do you have a thread that tells of your experiences?

    Hi D aCheech ; that's because they get their mentality from the GB!

    Hello N.drew ; nice to hear from you, most parts of your ideologue is backed by MacArthur

    and other prominent theologians of our time.

    Ha, ha Lore; we've been using Hulu for a year now, and MagicJack !

    Yeh St George, that mentality goes all the way back!

  • N.drew

    I'm trying to stay out of the dictionary

    You know about time?

    Might be my theory, might be my dad's.

    You don't know about time? And space?

    Thanks AwareBeing. I don't WANT to be prominent, so thank you for reminding me!

    So MacArthur is my brother? You know, in Christ all are brothers.

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