Child abuse - the emotional kind

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  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I had to complete some mandatory training today for my job on child protection. One of the types of abuse described was "making a child feel responsible for the abuser's happiness/unhappiness.

    Then I thought of this:


  • Shador

    Paragraph 14 is such bullshit. Makes my blood boil.

    "The parents, on the other hand, had no say in the matter". The hell they didn't. They have the choice to follow the WTB$ man-made rules or to do the right thing by loving and supporting their child.

  • Bella15

    Dear Lord ... that guy leaving looks like a young adult ... he should be living out of their parents' house by now anyway ... LOL!

  • Shador

    With the economy in shit, not all of us can afford that option, Bella. Believe me, I'm 30, and I wish I could afford my own place.

  • discreetslave

    Reflecting on this article I told my JW husband if my children become JW's and they are ever df'd or they leave and he shuns them I will leave him.

    How dare they talk about a lack of natural affection in the world when they are so cruel to their own family.

  • Bella15

    Sorry Shador You know what I mean ...

    Sending you lots of good vibes for you one day soon to have your own place and a very good paying job to afford it.

  • DarioKehl

    This picture says it all. "You're on your own TOO, mom and dad!" Where are the elders in this pic? Does the bOrg offer any consolation to the parents when they're suffering so much? Answer: FAT CHANCE! "But dammit, they'd better comply and shun his ass or THEY'RE NEXT. Mwha-hahahahaha!!!"

    I bet the GB/FDS gets a chubby when they publish shit like this. The amount of control over millions of personal lives has got to be boner-ific.

  • trailerfitter

    What was the story of the prodigal son all about??

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    The amount of control they demand is truly scary. I truly never just sat down and thought it out when I was in. I just went with the flow as it was the easy way for me to do it. If some sister from a prominent family did not like something I did or said I tried to change so as to not tick her off because I knew there wouild be hell to pay for it. Crazy hay. But that is how I lived.

    So the big things like shunning, the flip flops on blood, etc I totally just never thought about it and followed everyone else. Now looking back I just do now understand why I did it. I never agreed with shunning, the allowing us to take blood fractions really upset me but I just do not question it to much because when I did I got shut down and looked at like I was crazy.

    In fact the elders told me I was crazy and mentally ill when I started to question how they handled child abuse and child rapists. Typing this out now I guess it took something like that hit close to home for me to finally get a spine and take a stand against evil.


  • ekruks

    This is so screwed up

    Growing up in a controlling JW family, with a father desperate to be the idea passive-aggressive elder figure the Watchtower promoted and my mother keen to be the submissive Stockholm-syndrome role-model wife...... emotional abuse indeed!! Tried to kill myself a number of times when I was a kid, and my parents couldn't understand why I was so stressed.

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