?JW guy and Taser attack during Cowboys - Jets game?

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  • Magwitch

    This is too funny!

    This poor JW is going to be called to the woodshed (he probably missed the Sunday meeting too)

  • botchtowersociety
    Not to mention the lecture he will get from the elders for being at a worldly, violent, sports event. Maybe even a personal mention in the Awake if that GB member who absolutely hates football gets wind of it.

    I guess it depends on what congo you attend. I remember as a boy us buying up a whole aisle amongst brothers to watch a Dolphins/Bears Monday Night Game (one of the greatest, I will leave it to you to figure out the year). My Elder father took it upon himself to carry a handicapped brother up the Orange Bowl stands to his seat. I actually had great times in that old congo. Lots of geeks and sports fans. Chess matches after Book Study, computer talk, and football. We crammed 6 people into an early 80's Honda Accord one night after a meeting to catch the premier for a Star Trek movie.

  • undercover
  • undercover
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  • skeeter1

    The Garrido's owned and used a taser, and they were both current(or ex) JWs when they kidnapped Jaycee Duggard!

    I remember the disdain at JW kids playing with guns, weapons, etc. But, the adult JWs had guns for hunting, etc. A gun can kill, but a taser does not (unless the person has a heart condition , etc). Becuase guns are a means to murder people and tasers are a means to stop people, I can see where a certain group of JWs would approve of owning and using a taser. JWs are a fearful bunch, and the some of the men are not right in the head and would want to level the playing field against the super-Satan filled worldly, lawless people. I knew a JW who was in great standing that kept a gun in his glovebox and would waive it at other drivers he didn't like! It made him feel above the other drive, I suppose. So, yes, I can see a taser being a weapon of choice for a strain of JWs. I'm not saying it's right, but I understand the mindset as I knew plenty of violent men who owned guns and beat their wives and children...all while claiming to be True Christians as Jehovah's Witnesses...all the while claiming they met God's approval because they refused to go off to war and really non-violent. Kind of like the radical Muslims will tell you their religion is of peace.

    That being said, what in the hell is a good JW doing at a football game?!?! I mean, it's a competitive, combat sport. The Watchtower alludes that it and hockey are not appropriate sports for Christians - including an illusion to the colluseums of Rome and people wanting to see bloodbaths/fights. Can someone find some of the Watchtower Society's articles on this? Going to a football game isn't a disfellowshipping offence, but it's certainly one to lose status.

  • Married to the Mob
    Married to the Mob

    Errr lets just get this straight

    JW who is a cowboys fan, with tats to the dallas cowboys brings a taser to a football game

    He then sits through the national anthem and makes various comments during amazing grace.

    All of this while you have a marine who has probably been to stan or iraq and on september 11th.

    Oh and beer is involved!

    What did the JW expect! A nice friendly hug!

    there is only one way to describe this individual


    There is a shorter word for the same but i would then break item 3 of the posting guidlines.

  • james_woods
    So, yes, I can see a taser being a weapon of choice for a strain of JWs.
    That being said, what in the hell is a good JW doing at a football game?!?!

    This guy was obviously not just "at a football game" - he was at a football game LOOKING FOR TROUBLE. Sitting in the Jets section, rooting loudly for the cowboys. Refused to stand during the anthem. Talked during Taps and Amazing Grace (tributes for 9/11).

    In essence, he seems to have looked for and picked a fight so he could use the taser. What else did he have it there for? As a side point - what kind of idiot would not know that there is a law against having a tazer where a security screen for weapons is in place? Does he carry it into airports too?

    I can guarantee you that he will get Private Reproof at the bare minimum for embarrassing the JWs on National TV this way. Probably Public Reproof given the widespread nature of the story.

  • Magwitch

    My friend just called to tell me Sports Center is having a heyday with this story and it has been on ESPN numerous times. He did not see the humor in it like I did.

  • OnTheWayOut

    The Cowboys fan was "raised" as a JW, but doesn't currently live as one. Although it is not in the story, he is DF'ed.
    His son was raised as a JW, but is not currently one. I think he never was baptized.

    This is the accurate story:


    I do not defend the fan and I understand his son (the DJ) was not actually standing where it happened and some of his story from his father could be mistold.

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