Better to live the JW "life" or live the christian life, die, and be resurrected?

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  • stillstuckcruz

    This is a question I've been wanting to ask. I'm not sure if I understand their whole "resurrection" teaching totally. But it appears that to any Jw's who may not want to be, or any others for that matter, dont HAVE to be baptized in the Borg at all. If there's going to be a spiritual resurrection of the righteous and the unrighteous(basically everyone as far as I know), isn't it better to just live your life the way you feel is right, and then just be resurrected later? Whats the difference between slaving for the Society for you entire life, and being resurrected later to the same end? I'm not sure I understand it all

  • watson

    The problem is that if you know the "Truth" but don't take it up, you are up a creek. You get the axe. No chance of a resurection if you don't take the ever changing vows.

  • daringhart13

    I used to wonder why I shouldn't just walk into a mall and start shooting......all the while yelling " will thank me later!!"

    It would be a more effective way to get people into the "new order".....because field service wasn't working.

  • jwfacts

    The Watchtower teaching is that there is no resurrection for people that die at Armageddon. And since Armageddon is about to happen, you must make sure you are a baptised JW, just in case you are not fortunate enough to die before it.

      ?"Yes, the destruction of the gross sinners in those cities was eternal, as will be the destruction of the wicked at the end of the present system of things.?" Watchtower 1990 April 15 p.20

    It is obviously a marketing ploy to make people join, as there is no just reason that sinners that died 100 years ago should get a second chance, but sinners alive at the time of Armageddon should not.

  • wobble

    Good point JWfacts, the supposed god of the JW's, Jehovah, (their real god is the Governing Body), this jehovah is said by them to have as one of his main attributes : Justice.

    So , if that is true, whoever is operating the resurrection as taught by the WT is not "Jehovah".

  • transhuman68

    It is the threat of the much-anticipated-but-never-quite-arriving Armageddon that keeps the Witnesses on the treadmill. It has always been 'just around the corner' so if you are not knocking on doors offering worthless magazines to people who really don't give a damn; and the big A happens- you are birdfood forever. Joe Hoover don't want you back. Uh-uh. No way.

  • Awen

    In my opinion it would be better to live a Christian life outside of the Borg. This is because the Borg is part of Babylon The Great. By staying in the Borg one is actually serving Satan in opposition to YHWH.

    We are told by Jesus to "get out of her my people if you do not want to share with her in her sins...and to quit touching the unclean thing."

    Ancient Israel though being God's chosen people turned to Apostacy on more than one occasion. Being God's people did not exempt them from judgement. In fact it made them even more culpable. The same can be said of modern day spiritual Israel. Identifying one's self as "the only true religion" puts an enormous responsibility upon the JW's, not just the Governing Body. The rank and file identify with the words and actions of the GB and so are judged right along with them. True some have been deceived by the GB but enough evidence has surfaced in recent years to prove that something isn't quite right, yet the rank and file JW's continue their service to the GB.

    It reminds me of the occasion when Jesus said that those who were unwilling to leave their mothers, brothers and sisters were unworthy of him. This is the main thing that keep many JW's in the Borg and not a real love of Christ which would cause them to flee from it's midst.

    Speaking on the resurrection. If you recall in the Exodus many Egyptians were saved because they exercised faith in YHWH. They fled right along with Israel and were counted worthy by YHWH of warranting salvation. This vast mixed company looked at what had been happening around them and took action. Surely they also left behind friends, family and all that they had known but they could not deny what they had seen and or experienced during the 10 Plagues. Likewise today JW's will have no excuse for staying in the Borg. The evidence is undeniable. So if they choose to stay they are showing a lack of faith and also showing where their loyalties truly lie, not with God, but with a man-made organization. So why would these ones warrant a resurrection? They're not being deceived, they can clearly see what happening within the Org, yet fear of man (and not God) is what causes them to stay put.

    Jesus makes the point that in the last days there will be "the sign of the Son of Man in the heavens". Something will happen that will make it completely clear that Jesus has returned and therefore the choice will be put upon the entire inhabited Earth of who the people should or should not worship. This might be a physical or a spiritual sign. I think this applies mostly to those who are looking for the "sign". Just as in the days before Jesus' birth in ancient Israel the priests were aware that the time was right for the Messiah to be born, so today people can discern by the "times and seasons" and the "budding of the fig leaves that spring (Christ's presence) is near." Ample evidence and hence no excuse just like the Priests and Pharisees who experienced Jesus directly and who still chose to turn away for fear of losing what they had. Why would God give these ones a resurrection? Like the Pharisees of old they (the JW's) are given ample evidence which is in stark contrast to those upon the Earth who have no knowledge of the Bible and hence by their ignorance would warrant a resurrection.

    So in essence it's a fear of man (losing friends, relatives) that keep many in the Org when in fact it's love for God and Christ which should cause them to flee even though Jesus pointed out that they would receive these very same things a hundredfold in the system to come. So it is therefore better to flee and take your chances with God and Christ than to stay and risk destruction because of a fear of losing these things.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    There is no resurection. It is just a teaching, a fable, a carrot.

    This life is NOT a dress rehearsal. Far to many people squander their life in servitude to some religion because soothsayers claim to have devine information from some made up god, instead of living for what time they have. Bible, koran and any other holy book are not holy, just blueprints for cognitive take over.

    One does not need any book to tell you right and wrong. It is built in.


    But...If the WT version was true...who the hell would want to spend etenity with the JWs?

  • stillstuckcruz

    I was thinking more along the lines of what a JW would say in response to this question. Personally I dont see the difference between slaving and being resurrected later to be taught "truths"

  • flipper

    How about just living this real life in the here and now without worrying about superstitious religious or alleged " Christian " influence ?? Now THERE is a concept

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