Just got back from watching Planet of the apes.....

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    I guess that would explain the visceral reaction to the testing scenes then. my bad.


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    I hate remakes as its far too difficult, and often unfairly so, for a remake to capture the magic of its predecessor.

    Miz I totally agree. When I first heard it was coming out I was dubious, but after watching the trailer you posted on here I got really excited! It was a truly superb film, the graphics were WOW! I did love the ''Damn dirty apes'' bit, you just had to have that part in.

    The PETA angle is a turn off, hope it isn't the whole movie

    It seems to centre around the film, but it needs to be shown so you understand why ''planet of the apes'' comes about. There are lots of other things going on, especially with Ceaser who you really grow to love. You end up rooting for the apes and by the end you are on the edge of sit shouting ''COME ON, YOU CAN DO IT''... Well worth watching.

    I felt like ALZ-112 is Crisis of Conscience and ALZ-113 is Combatting Cult Mind Control and that after taking them when you're asked to "come home" you answer "I AM HOME."

    Yeah it was wasn't it... The drug was an eye opener and they saw freedom. Just like us dubbies!

    But I could have lived without the PETA commentary in the OP of this thread.

    Hmmmmm my thread?? If you don't like it, stop reading. It's really that simple.

    It was perfect. I was just rootin', rootin, rootin', for Caeser!

    I was too! You just wanted him to suceed. I love the ending though, got me thinking after. No spoilers from me though cause there are people on here who NEED to watch it!

    Man I can't wait to see it!!!!! I'll finally see it tomorrow.

    YEY! I woke up this moring thinking about it lol.

    Dam filthy Apes

    Loved it! That has to be one of the best lines EVER in film's history!

    Watersprout... do you like steak? Millions of animals dying for human needs

    Like Tec said (thanks Tec) I'm a vegan. Totally animal friendly house here.

    What kind of criminals should testing be done on?

    I get angry. No testing should be done on anything or anyone. Don't take me seriously! Lol


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