Just got back from watching Planet of the apes.....

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  • watersprout

    And it was FRICKIN...LICKIN...AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

    One of the best films I have seen in a long time!

    During the opening scene where the wild apes were taken my blood was boiling as I know that really does go on. Then with all the experiments my blood was getting hotter and hotter! I said very loudly during a quiet lab scene ''Just let the humans die''... These tests go on and thousands of animlas die needlessly... Test on criminals, at least the results will be accurate!

    I think that the fact the alziemers drug made apes stronger but killed humans showed that these tests really don't work! (In the film, not real life) lol

    Labs have found cures for cancer in rodents, yet when tested on humans there were no results.... Shows complete pointless research!

    Anyway off on a tangent but I really loved the film...


  • Robdar

    Cool! It's on my list along with Sarah's Key and The Debt

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    I'm not supposed to be posting here until December, if ever again, but I said I was going to still lurk occasionally, and this thread is light enough where it won't raise my blood pressure too high. But yeah, Rise of the Apes was an awesome film. I don't ever recall seeing a movie more than once at the theater, but I've been tempted to make an exception for the Apes. I hate remakes as its far too difficult, and often unfairly so, for a remake to capture the magic of its predecessor. The most recent Conan, which I'm yet to see is a fitting example, and lets be fair, the original with Arnold sucked, but it was a good film for its time. I mean it really should have been another late night movie on channel USA with Rhonda Up All Night, or Gilbert Godfrey. With this most recent Apes film though, wow is all I can say. They really nailed it, and I tip my hat to them.

  • Glander

    Our current theatre priority list is:

    The Debt


    Planet of the Apes (probably close to rental city). But it has gotten good reviews. The PETA angle is a turn off, hope it isn't the whole movie?

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I felt like ALZ-112 is Crisis of Conscience and ALZ-113 is Combatting Cult Mind Control and that after taking them when you're asked to "come home" you answer "I AM HOME."

    Very good movie. Loved it. But I could have lived without the PETA commentary in the OP of this thread.

  • tec

    Oh, it was AWESOME, wasn't it? Best movie I've seen in SOOOO long. And one of those predescessor movies that didn't mess everything up, or make you go . It was perfect. I was just rootin', rootin, rootin', for Caeser!




  • fade_away

    Man I can't wait to see it!!!!! I'll finally see it tomorrow.

  • Quarterback

    Dam filthy Apes

  • pbrow

    Watersprout... do you like steak? Millions of animals dying for human needs

    What kind of criminals should testing be done on?

    The movie does look good.


  • tec

    Watersprout is a Vegan.

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