Rick Fearon has been totally exposed!

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    Rick Fearon Deserves all the Bad Publicity he`s Earned..

    His posts are Bullshit..His Show is Bullshit..

    Rick Fearon..



  • shamus100

    It's official - Rick is boring.

    Who wants to kiss a monkey?

  • badseed

    Maybe Rick would. I mean, he could use another scandal.


    I think Rick is one of those guys who actually believes that ANY attention.. even bad is better than no attention.

    RICK= attention whore

  • elderelite

    So did rick still do the show...?

  • koolaid-man

    Thank you for the exposure, last nights program was very succsessful. The call lasted for close to 10 hours and many tears were shed.

    I would like to address those who feel uncomfortable and uneasy about my posts....... The following was posted on another thread.


    Many on this forum rush to judgement and immediately criticize anything Koolaid-man posts. Strong minded reasonable ones wait patiently, research the content in the thread and without hesitation listen to the conference call before making a premature evaluation.

    I am pleased the picture of the Mayor of Buffallo,NY. got your attention.

    In our 10pm portion of the Six Screens conference call we will be discussing Jehovah's Witnesses killed while participating in service.

    It is surprising how many Witnesses die in their line of duty.

    A Jehovah's Witness woman was shot in Buffalo, NY. It is possible she played a role in Mayor Browns action to help stop murders in his city.

    More details on the call Sat Sept 10, 2011....... http://www.sixscreensofthewatchtower.com/index.php

  • elderelite

    With respect i read the orginal post and just reread it to ensure and there was NO mention of the mayor at all or any connection to a story to be featured on six screens. Its disingenous to suggest that it was a planned tease and frankly, if it was, your more clueless than i imagined.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Kool Aid Man,

    It appears first of all that you have come up with your own flavor.

    Getting JW's to shed tears is not a monumental accomplishment with all respect to former JW's and those still stuck in. We are raw and beat up. We need support, we need clear information. In short, we need to know that we will be ok.

    Because ultimately when you leave, whether by choice or not, that is what goes through your mind.

    Your website is not about former JW's. It's about bringing down the leadership, the organization. While I understand why you would want to, the fact that you try makes you very delusional.

    JW activism is a complete waste of time.

    The difference between you and Randy Waters, JWfacts, and others of their ilk is that, while they surely wish (as I do) that JW's would simply go away, the best thing that can be done is to help one person at a time leave when they are ready.

    Your steady diet of bullshit sensationalism might (might) be well intentioned. It also is purposely misleading.

    Good news though, most people ignore JW's. So even less are going to notice you. I realize that like JW's, you will appeal to a certain demographic. That can't be helped.

    But please don't sit there and play the martyr card when the info you put out there is WAY over the top. Please don't sit there and claim that people rush to judgment when you are caught in a flat out lie to drum up publicity for your website and call in's.

    I think there is a lot all exiting JW's can learn about their post JW life from you Rick, and the biggest lesson is learning how to move on.

    You are the closest to Captain Ahab I have seen in quite a while. Time to bring your boat back into shore.

  • new light
    new light

    I can't believe I just read this from a supposed "helper" for those trapped in the org.

    Strong minded reasonable ones wait patiently, research the content in the thread and without hesitation listen to the conference call before making a premature evaluation
    What??!! The dude gets caught being deceptive and just like his supposed enemies the governing body he turns it around on those that called him out. Yeah, Rick, the people that fall for your B.S. and are OK with it are "strong minded reasonable ones." In the same stroke, you manage to imply that those people that see through your lies are not strong minded or reasonable. WHT DON'T YOU GO TO BETHEL AND WRITE FOR THE WATCHTOWER? Are you so addicted to this pathetic power trip of yours that you need to stoop this low? You cover up deception with lies and attempts at Watchtowerese mind control tactics? Shame on you. Just go away and stop stroking your twisted ego with the hands of the vulnerable.
  • AllTimeJeff

    Funny how he sounds just like a Bethel elder in his defense for his bullshit.

    Be patient.

    Those who expose me are not patient.

    Those who are reasonable listen to me and are patient.

    I think he couldn't have picked a better name than Kool Aid Man.

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