The list of things that would never have occurred if the JW organization never existed

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  • Ucantnome

    Many people would not have had a free home bible study

  • JeffT

    I wouldn't be trying to sell two novels based on the experience, I wouldn't have met my wife.

    Regarding the later, and the subsequent existence of our three children and grandaughter, that event would not have happened if she'd remembered to check the oil in her car.

    How many people on this board wouldn't be here if their parents had not met at a KH?

  • thetrueone

    Here's another aspect that has hit many here and that would have to be the destructive attributes this cult has had on personal families.

    This is one of the many cults out there that if a family member doesn't want to be involved with this religion after being in it either by birth or

    later in life, that person is usual pointed out publicly and shunned. This has had real devastating effects upon certain people. For example think about those

    people who identified themselves as being homosexual, who were then directly shunned by their family and other relationships, to be eventualy

    pushed to commit suicide.

    There have been many of those stories told here which were quite sad to say the least.

    You could confidently say there have been millions of families broken apart by this one particular cult, including mine.


    Sales of toys at Xmas would be higher ;-P

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