Why can't regular pioneers get some of the money back that they use out in field service?

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  • AnneB

    If the pioneers were reimbursed in any way for their field service it may lead to status as employees or agents of WT and expose WT to certain forms of liability. A few years ago there was a case involving a Bethelite and an auto accident where WT was found liable, the settlement was huge. As I recall the determination was that the driver was acting in behalf of WT when he became involved in the accident. Pioneers, regular publishers, brothers with positions of responsibility, are all taught to say that they do volunteer work at their own expense, according to their own schedule, and under local direction. Every bit of that is legal language designed to keep WT free of any legal entanglement.

    What some pioneers do with the contribution money they collect is another story.

  • Joliette

    Annie B, thank you. Thats where the confusion has always come in for me: Are they doing work for the watchtower, are they techincally watchtower employees??? Are they volunteers? What do the publishers and pioneers get out of the deal? And why is the watchtower so adament about baptizing new comers, especially children of believing and baptized parents?

  • Resistance is Futile
    Resistance is Futile

    "What do the publishers and poineers get out of the deal?"

    A ticket to a magical paradise.

    You know what always blew my mind, was that before the tax laws were changed in 1990, JW's used to have to buy all their Watchtower merchandise. And they then had to go door to door selling Watchtower merchandise in order to "earn" their eternal salvation. Seriously, people couldn't see that con for what it was?

  • clarity

    RisF........at least the catholics just had to light the candles that they had to buy.

    Silly us, you are right, we bought literature and then had to work in field circus to sell it. Then after marking this all down on a piece of brown paper and handing it in .... do we stand in line for (maybe) salvation!

    too funny

  • ShirleyW

    Kinda reminds me of a friend of mine who donates so heavily to the minister T.D. Jakes that she was audited one year by the IRS, amazingly she had receipts to prove all donations, so maybe our dear theocratic piosneers know how to "play the game" when they file their taxes. . . just a thought . . .!!

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Off course, some pioneers don't know they can but a lot of them do write it off on their taxes. I wasn't a pioneer and have been writing it off for the last few years (all the miles, receipts, ...).

    It's even worse for Bethel, I had a friend at Bethel, they get a minimal stipend not because the WT is nice but because it allows them to do their income taxes and claim a SHITLOAD of deductions, stimulus, welfare even help with their health insurance (which another WT entity provides, NYS is great about giving poor people money) and every Bethelite gets ~$3-10k back from Fed & NYS taxes EVERY YEAR which disappears in the WT pocket.

  • clearpoison

    They actually used to, in those times when literature was sold against fixed price. If I recall this right they got their literature with 50% discount and could keep the difference. Also they were rewarded with substantial amount of food/refreshement coupons in conventions, again in those times when things were sold against fixed price.


  • blondie

    I kept track of my mileage for tax purposes.

    Regular pioneers received $15 for district conventions. I don't remember getting money for circuit assemblies.

  • erbie

    I think the government needs to clamp down on these clowns. Whatever happens, I think they have seen the best times and from now on things will only get harder. The Watchtower was set up in a different world to our own when people were quite naive-no offence intended.

    I think ordinary folk pretty well see it for what it is and that includes the authorities. All this bombast about how good they are and what a wonderful organisation they are is just self ingratiating hot air.

    It did work at one time but people are not so credulous in the modern world thanks, in part, to the internet!

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