Do you feel sorry or have empathy for JWS that you used to know ?

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  • mummatron

    I do feel sorry for those that were lured into conversion by the resurrection promise. Those people were, and still are, vulnerable and in need of bereavement therapies. In the case of many of my family, it's what keeps them in.

    It's so twisted that they need help to realise that the whole reason some of them will shun their living family members is due to a 'pie in the sky' dream that by doing so they'll get their dead family members back. THEY NEED HELP!

  • thetrueone

    some of them will shun their living family members is due to a 'pie in the sky' dream

    Yes mummatron, agree ! thats a good description.

    When everything is put on a table and really looked at it makes one wonder why would someone believe

    in such things in this day and age and deliberately distinguish themselves upon those beliefs.

    The WTS knew well that they were intensionally creating a newly imposed identify for each of their devout members.

    A new family arrangement where people who are not really your own real family became their new family.

    As its well known the WTS. doesn't care or have any empathy for families breaking up or dissolving, they have a membership

    that needs to be maintained for many apparent and pertinent reasons.

  • Quendi

    This is a simple question which for me has a complicated answer. I will say it depends on the circumstances. If the Witness I'm thinking about is an elder, I want absolutely nothing to do with him. The same goes for those in the upper echelons of the organization from circuit overseers clear through to the Governing Body. I tend to regard most ministerial servants as "harmless personages", to quote Civil War veteran Sam Watkins.

    I know a few Witnesses who still talk to me and have maintained our ties. For the most part they respect my decision to stay out of the organization and all is good between us. As for others, I have to look at them as individuals. I have tried to reopen my relationship with my best friend. Our friendship is currently in limbo and I will leave the next move up to him. Today I wrote to a Witness and his family who had just suffered the death of a near relative. There are some Witness doctrines I still believe and the resurrection is one of them. I wrote to extend my sympathy and remind them of a common belief we still share. I doubt I will get any response, but one reason I did write was to demonstrate that Witnesses don't hold a monopoly on human kindness and decency. Maybe a sympathy letter from a disfellowshipped person they once respected will make them think.

    Should Witnesses come to my door in their field service work, I would greet them kindly and courteously, but would also let them know from the start that I am disfellowshipped and will not be returning. However, if they want to discuss spiritual matters in the spirit of mutual respect, I will gladly invite them in for a chat. Other than than these circumstances, I plan to keep my distance. Yes, I do feel pity for those still trapped in this cult and wish they would get out. After all, I still have friends and family whom I love who are Witnesses. But I won't jump into the water to save them from drowning, especially when they can get out on their own as the water really isn't that deep.

    What I really wish is that some scandal would erupt that would rip the sheep's covering off this hypocritical cult and expose it as the wolf it really is. However, I have little hope of that happening, and even if it did I think the mind control it exerts is so strong that many, if not most, of the rank and file would choose to stay with the WTS rather than abandon it. I hope I'm wrong, but from what I saw in more than thirty-five years' association with Jehovah's Witnesses, I doubt I am mistaken.


  • Sulla

    Quendi, Quendi. I like you, but you are living in a world that doesn't exist. If JWs come to your door, knowing you are disfellowshipped, and want to discuss spiritual matters with mutual respect... Are you kidding me?

    Resurrection is a Witness teaching? Uh, more like a Christian teaching, Quendi. Actually, the resurrection that the JWs think is the second-class resurrection is more like the ancient Christian teaching and the real resurrection for the real Christians in JW-speak is obviously Greek dualism, but that's neither here nor there.

    Point is, here ain't no reason to feel sorry for any JW. If they are mislead, it's because they want to be mislead or because they are too lazy to keep from being mislead, or because they like feeling so goddamn superior to everybody that they mislead themselves. They're always talking nonsense: fuck 'em.

  • thetrueone

    To me its more about hating this cult and all of its persuasive tactics to cull followers into it, than actually hating or despising

    individuals who are a part of it. There a few JWS who I disliked for their blatant hypocrisy when out of the Kingdom hall though.

    Its funny sometimes when I come upon JWS who were JWS when I was there and they have to carefully examine me

    and see if I have horns growing out my head or what evil things I'm involved in.

    Being so long in Satan's world must have done something to me after all ( 30 years ) out now.

    Is he on drugs ? Is he smoking or an alcoholic ? Maybe he was put in jail for long time ?

    No none of the above, just a happy soul trying to live a healthy and wholesome life, as well trying to help out others.

  • thetrueone

    Where I can pin point any sort of empathy for JWs are the children who were dragged to the meetings by their parents, essentially making the parents

    decide toward their religious faith. I have three nephews from my sister who I convincingly knew they hated this religion all the while they were

    being hauled off to the KH., for I knew how they felt being a JW child myself. Thankfully they've left their mother now and all of them have dropped

    being involved with this religious faith completely. The very controlling and oppressive aspects of this faith really makes being JWS a real bore.

  • aquagirl

    Well no,since they all ,even those that havent met me yet,have such an unbiased hatred and almost,,FEAR of me.For real,they wont even LOOK at me when we run into each other in town.Its really weird.So,no.I have zero use for them.

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