Do you feel sorry or have empathy for JWS that you used to know ?

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    I do to an extent. I feel most JW's are mind controlled and don't even realized they are being duped. I guess it is harder for me to show empathy to my JW ex-Wife as she is very manipulative in controlling my JW daughters in turning them against me. So I have more compassion towards my daughters as I feel my JW ex-wife KNOWS she is being controlling. Just a bad person whether the cult influenced her or not !

    Even though I may have empathy for ex-JW's I knew - I balance that with still not wanting to be around them because of the mind controlled influence they'd have on me. They are victims, even though they don't KNOW they are victims. And that's the tricky, insidious thing about WT mind control. I'd rather be around non-Witnesses who use their own minds and think their own thoughts instead of being programmed robots.

    So my empathy goes as far as wanting to assist JW's to think free again , but not to the point where I'm hanging out with them 24/7 to help them change. I'll help them change from a distance - thank you very much

  • thetrueone

    First one didn't post I'll try again.

    I'm guessing its an individual thing to how you feel about folks you used to know either family or friends who are still

    in the organization. I recently came across a JWS who've I've known since childhood who just happen to be standing street corner

    out in service. As I was walking by I instantly notice it was a witness with the A and WT. in her hands, I didn't recognized who it was even

    though this was in my home town and congregation area. The person was an elderly lady, well in her 70's, from where she was standing

    she spoke out and said Hi ----- ! I was surprised of course while I was trying to look at her face and comprehend who was saying Hi

    to me. It was a very old friend of the family who I've hadn't seen a very long time 30+years or more. I did finally realise who it was

    so I returned the Hi and we began some small talk about mine and her family. It was apparent that she was the only one of her family who stayed

    with the JWS, all of her children left and her husband died awhile ago which I knew previously.

    I also knew that both her children and her husband were JWS in good standing, pioneers, husband an elder.

    She had been a JWS since the early 50's similar to my own family but it was kind of sad to hear she had little if any contact with her own children

    and their extended families.

    Her son came out as being gay and moved away and her daughter married a non-JWS after she was DFed and also moved far away.

    Sheesh I thought to myself what a regrettable cost just because of people within a family having different religious perspectives.

    I never had it as bad as some simply because I was never baptized and I never really presented much opposition to my family being JWS.

    A little lessen for those who are on the fence with this organization.

    Don't dip unless you absolutely sure what your getting yourself in to.

    So what do think and feel when you come across a JWS ?

  • LongHairGal


    No, I do not and there is no need for my pity or empathy. The ones I know aren't particularly suffering and some are getting what they want. I don't really relate because I was never 100% totally in the JW mindset when I was active. I was one of those people who would smile at a disfellowshipped person because I never believed in the religion's stand with regard to this. Nobody was going to legislate who I was going to talk to.

    Also, with regard to those who didn't want a regular job and preferred to go knocking on doors, I don't have any pity for them either. Why should I? Everybody clapped when their names were being announced as pioneers. Well, then let these people who clapped give them money when they lose their job or can't meet their bills. They deserve to have them on their doorstep.

    I really don't feel one way or the other because I believe in live and let live. If they ever leave the religion I would be happy for them but I am not personally invested in what other people do or do not do.

  • Ding

    I feel most sorry for those who are trapped inside by family considerations.

    I feel sorry for those who are blissfully unaware of all the WT lies and errors; I view them like people on the Titanic, thinking they are safe and secure.

    What upsets me most is the arrogance; it reminds me too much of myself sometimes.

  • thetrueone

    Flipper -

    I know of your own personal experience and how you really do hold a healthy and balanced perspective toward JWS.

    I do think your ex uses a bit of the religion to formulate a invisible wall between you and your daughters. Anyways keep fighting the good

    fight for perhaps one day your children will understand what the WTS. organization is all about.

    LongHairGal -

    I understand where your coming from, people have to be somewhat accountable for their decisions whether its about religion or not,

    particularly in their adult age.

    Its those long term believers that got culled into the religion at youth by family connections or simply out of youthful ignorance.

    The persuasiveness of this religious organization can be very attracting to young people, such as my own mother in her early 20's.


    No..Most are happy where they are..

    Others choose to stay for various reasons..Loss of family/friends ect..

    If you choose to stay with the WBT$..

    I really don`t care..


  • flipper

    Although I may feel empathy for some JW's I knew who just don't realize they are being mind controlled and manipulated - I DO NOT feel ANY empathy for the leaders of the WT society as I feel they know full well the deception and tactics they are using to manipulate & control 7 million people in the Witnesses. So I definitely feel NO empathy for WT leaders

  • thetrueone

    Ding -

    My exact sentiments, its for this reason I've curtailed my socializing with my still in JWS family members, out of my own choice.

    They just cant seems to turn it off when their around people who are not JWS, but thats very much they way they've been programmed.

    It use to be that I would just smile and pass it off , now I just want to smack them and give them a good shaking while saying " AWAKE AWAKE "

  • thetrueone

    Valid point Flipper

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