Is Hard Work Hard on You?

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  • chickpea

    believe it or not, at 55, i am in a program for massage therapy
    (i need the license to be a touch practitioner in my state) and
    we do yoga and other body awareness postures and exercises
    to limber the joints... so maybe try something like that for
    increased circulation and flexiblity in your joints and muscles...

    plus, as i am writing a paper for class on the topic of the
    benefits of massage therapy... see if there is a training
    facility near you and take advantage of their student clinics
    to see if massage could help relieve your pain ...

    soak in an epsom salt bath, as it draws toxins that can lead
    to muscle stiffness and soreness....

    inflammation of arthitis can be ameliorated by diet and
    supplements, as well as topical use of anti-inflammatory
    essential oils....

    stretch it out mate! i SO hear where you are coming from....

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    I love massage and whenever i can get one i go for it.

  • flipper

    CoCo- As you know I've been in the business self employed almost 30 yrs. in your similar trade ( except gardening ) . When I do commercial floor stripping and have to pull an all nighter with my son and strip & rewax floors it gets VERY tiring. We've had several big floor stripping jobs for new veterinary hopitals this summer. It takes me a day or so to catch up on sleep and restore my proper rest. I'm probably a bit younger than you ( almost 52 ) LOL ! but it can still take a toll on the old body. I find what helps me is to get plenty of sleep. Even if that means turning off my phones or being non-communicative for a few hours with wife or friends - I make sure to get sleep and re-energize my body. The world could fall apart - but I don't care- if I'm tired-I sleep. Just my 2 cents

  • Lozhasleft

    I'm relieved to hear its not just me! Now in my fifties although back at Uni doing a degree I find my physical strength/energy is pretty poor. I have reared 5 kids and worked too most of my adult life but the onset of M.E./CFS in the 90s took me pretty low. I find it particularly frustrating still, not having the physicality I would like....

    Loz x

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I can handle hard work, but for how much longer, I didn't know. Recovery kept getting longer and longer when I overdid it. So, I went back to school. This semester is already taxing my brain like crazy, but when I recall the physical aches and pains, working my brain is not so bad, I guess.

  • sherah

    Coco, sorry for your aches and pains.

    Janitorial/Construction/Landscaping jobs are physically demanding and can turn big, strapping men into a shadow of their former selves. As others have said, a good stretching routine can do wonders for your recovery. Integrating yoga, massage therapy, tai chi for muscles and mind. You could find low cost community based or student run classes in your area or borrow DVD’s from the library to start you off.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thank you for responding with your own tales of pane, Nancy, chickpea, flipper, Lozhasleft, Billy and Sherah.

    Yes, Nancy, a daily pain event. Some days just happen to be a little better than others.

    Excellent advice, Chickpea. I never would have thought about what you suggested. Thanks!

    Believe me, Flipper, that the ten years I have on you has made all the difference in the world. Back in the 80s I did the stripping and waxing for a statewide utility's local branches. I made about $4.85 and hour. Carrying that monster buffer up and down the stairs may've had something to do with my having 2 hernia repairs. Be careful!

    Loz, you are not alone. Raising 5 kids would take the starch out of any one's sails. I hope that you're feeling well today!

    Billy, you youngster, you! But it does catch up. I know dynamo kids your age who admit to slowing down. Sad. Good for you for returning to school!

    Thanks for the sympathy, Sherah. The mind must be cared for, too, as you state. The power of positive thinking is a mainstay for me when I'm not feeling negative about my downward spiral ...


    CoCo Refurbished

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