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  • ekruks

    I didn't like that congregation much or stay long.... they were very wealthy, but not generous... they expected me to pioneer though; the only other pioneers were a few elderly ones who were on allowances of an hour, etc. ...very frail; was sad..... but the thing that really didn't make sense was that they had lots of dinner parties, congregation barbecues, etc..... but poor pioneer boy was invited, because well, he didn't even have the fuel to some park they had driven out to etc.... I'd hear about it at the next meeting, and strangely, they'd all be telling me how nice it was.

    I didn't really like the rich guys.... not that I was against the nice cars, and I like the suits.... but it was a bit weird when they patted me on the back for pioneering. Their lads were often a bit odd as well. One time, most had left the hall, and one lad had to lock up. An elderly bro gave some others a lift down the road (he was a nice chap, not wealthy like the rest so didn't quite fit in), and his elderly frail wife waited in the hall. Well, the rich lads couldn't wait to get down the pub, so they quite vocally made it clear that they had decided to leave the hall for the brother to lock up, so into their fancy cars they got, laughing at me for staying behind and drove off. The brother came back a few minutes later, quiet, surprised, but very thankful that I waited. It really struck me; at the time I was not a ministerial servant, but they were, supposedly appointed by the holy spirit. Things like that build up, make you wonder, and being told it's imperfection doesn't help. Everything is imperfection!

    Later some girls started pioneering. There was a freaky exception, when I went on the ministry with a wealthy sister, and went in her car, but she tried to give me fuel money.... she seemed keen that I get to know her daughter, but I'd started to find doubts hard to keep down, and even if she was rich and cute, don't want a Witness wife pressuring me to do lots of ministry and be an elder

  • ekruks

    sorry- typo - meant to say 'wasn't invited'

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