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  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    So yesterday the meeting got cancelled. I was wondering why, finally got to her the COBOE's wife died. Interesting... I didn't know he was the pastor. Anyway, maybe they're starting to show their love and compassion. I feel sorry for him and his son, I mean it's hard. But the WTF's are:

    Today I get a call: Mous, we're looking for people to have some of COBOE's family stay at some friends' houses. Have any rooms? I'm like: Did COBOE's family run out of money? I don't have place, I have a house that fits me and my family, I don't have 'extra' rooms, hardly anybody in this neighborhood does.


    - The dude drives around in a Jaguar. His wife drove around in a Mercedes E-class. His son is a full-time pioneer, full-time employee AND a full-time student at a local ($50k base tuition) University and daddy gave him a brand new car, off the lot, fully paid.

    - The meeting got cancelled because his wife died. Although tragic, I've never heard of it. It's not like she was the first lady of the church. A few people have died over the last few months, the meetings never got called.

    - The dude had a "sister" stay at his house last night to "help" him with the arrangements. I know if I had a "sister" stay at my house last night, I would've been DF'ed before dawn.

    - Him and his family are rich (biatch - he looks kinda like Dave Chappelle) and do not hide that fact. His family members vacationing do not come in ragged up cars. Even rentals are nothing less than a Buick. Sonny boy although a piosneer that you hardly see in service and is a bit on the 'sweet' side goes to NYC (about 8-10 hours away) to buy not-so-cheap suits from the boutique's. But you're going to burden the 'friends' in our already fairly poor community to have some of your 'underprivileged' wife's family stay instead of your (all faithful JW) family letting them share or pay part for their hotel rooms?

  • baltar447

    cheap ass jerks. Let them get a motel or hotel room. Don't they offer discounts for bereavment?

  • Bella15

    That must be a first ...

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    You can get rooms here for $49/day or less if you're making arrangements (online) and stay for a while. Even the better hotels are $100-$150. We're not living in Manhattan and as I said, the community is relatively poor.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I've never heard of a meeting being cancelled because of a COE's wife dying. Unless some of the parts that night were supposed to be handled by the COE and his son, and backups could not be arranged? (just giving them the benefit of the doubt here).

    I remember one night when an older elder died hours just before the meeting. It was a sad meeting, as it was unexpected and one or two of the parts was supposed to be handled by him at that meeting.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Further WTF's. Yesterday was the "wake" - donations and gifts should be made to the Watchtower (how about them poor fella's we had to harbour for a little bit). The talk is at the local Assembly Hall (no kidding). That building where a one-day meeting costs $10,000 is now used for a 1 hour funeral! We inquired before whether we could use it for some oversized weddings and funerals in our family and were always told that this would be too cost prohibitive.

    I don't really care where they hold the disrespectful talk to get more converts but the partiality based on wealth and position is just dripping from the arrangements. I'll let you know more after I go pay my respects.

  • Pitchess Co-Gen
    Pitchess Co-Gen

    I got to here the rest of this story. Keep us posted !

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    So finally get to the Assembly, loosely filled with people (not like a convention, but still about 300). Counts were taken, there were "Attendant" and "Parking" badges galore. Off course the parking lot was not lit so it's dark.

    The CO opens with prayer, another brother reads the obituary from the paper we got at the door and then the talk was given with minimal life story even though it was one of her best family friends that gave the talk. Very dry. We meet up with a bunch of friends, everybody's laughing and joking like we are all at the assembly.

    The best thing is, my wife comes home and says "it was very impersonal". Her family (all super-dubs btw) calls to gossip and says the same thing. It felt like an assembly, the talk was very impersonal. I said well they basically read the paper and went into the resurrection talk from the Watchtower, that's how it's supposed to be isn't it. Yeah, but when it's Brother so-and-so doing it he puts a lot more personal stuff in it, I don't like how they just kept it very technical.

  • mummatron

    Appearances aren't always everything when it comes to possessions. My flash, seemingly rich, JW family members were the ones who were most in debt.

    Who knows...maybe he was unable to continue their lavish lifestyle and either bumped her off, or faked her death sending her for an extended (until Armageddon) stay in the Cayman Islands all for the insurance payout, and the whole thing was a huge charade....Stranger things have happened.

  • ekruks

    I remember that a few days before, a meeting being cancelled because the 'Presiding Overseer's' (Yes, COBE now) wife wanted a walk and picnic in the forest !!! WTF! I had invited interested people to the meeting! A few days notice, ok, but I had to work, do other return visits, etc., and oh, what am I going to say.... 'Hey, this meeting is so important; you so must come... yes, that's why we cancelled it for a picnic in the forest, and oh, you are not invited, and me neither!!'

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