Last Sunday's WT Study Set My Mother Off

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  • headisspinning

    Did anyone catch any points in Sunday's WT study that might have set my other off in regard to associating with non-JWs?

    Here's the deal...

    My youngest sister is in the process of a fade. My family knows she doesn't go to the KH anymore and that she is seriously dating a 'worldly' guy and very close to being engaged.

    My parents have planned a weekend getaway for the family (exclusing us of course) and my mother indicated that the boyfriend would be included (although of course separate bedrooms).

    Then all of a sudden she called my sister today and said something was said in the WT study and so now she is not comfortable with him coming. Can anyone think of what might have set her off?

    My sister is pretty angry because it is just so mean to invite him and then retract the invitation... she's pretty much embarrassed by how my mother is treating him. I suggested that she let my parents know that if that's the case, she won't be going either... I mean, that's fair, right?

  • Glander

    Only a kool-aid drinking JW would retract an invitation under these circumstances. Make sure your sister informs the BF of the reason. No BS alibis to cover the JW mother. Tell him they just received a dispatch frm the front and they were to be extra careful to watch out for interlopers until further instructions. So, no weekend getaway for you, you, boyfreeened! Demon!

  • LostGeneration

    There was stuff about "not following the crowd" and other cult BS, but what week isn't the WT like that. Check blondies weekly review, shouldn't be too hard to find.

    If last week set her off, prepare for World war III after this weekend's "apostasy" article is considered.

  • wannabefree

    My guess would be paragraphs 9-13 under the subheading 'Do Not Follow "Your Hearts and Your Eyes"'

    Here are things that stood out to me as I was wondering how my wife would take it ....

    The second dangerous influence we will
    discuss is an internal one. We might illustrate
    it this way: If you were taking a journey
    to a particular destination, can you imagine
    deciding to cast aside your map and simply
    follow your impulses-perhaps turning onto
    every road that seemed to offer pretty views?
    Clearly, giving in to such impulses would
    keep you from reaching your goal.

    Whatever might damage our clean
    conscience and our relationship with Jehovah
    is for us a "good-for-nothing thing."
    That would include any temptation that appeals
    to our eyes and threatens to seduce our
    heart into wrongdoing.

    On the other hand, we certainly would
    never want to become, in a sense, a "goodfor-
    nothing thing" to others by tempting
    them to contemplate wrongdoing.

  • headisspinning

    Good advice, Glander! I told her the same thing when she speaks to his family as well. Not to sugar-coat any of it. And I also told her she needs to take her stand NOW. She needs to make it 100% clear that she and her future husband are a unit and not allow my parents or anyone cause divisions between them.

    If our parents want to make impulsive, freak decisions, let THEM be the ones to feel the consequences.

    Where is the LOVE is all I can say!

    Oh and we are battening down the hatches about the apostasy article, no doubt!

    Ohhhhh... and my mother also said to my sister that IF she's having sex, then to just not tell her and that way my mother won't have to take her to the elders... can you believe that? Seriously?

  • unshackled

    I think they're probably starting to study the July 15 WT. They hit on the "bad associations" thing hard, staying separate from this "world". Warn against apostates, needlessly associating with DF'd ones, etc.

    Try this link...should be able to download it there:
    (just change the month from November 2011 to July)

  • headisspinning

    Thanks guys!

  • Mary

    I agree with unshackled. She was probably reading an article from the July 15th study edition. Ironically, my Dub sister asked me last week if I had read it because it really pissed her off. She said "it was talking about how we shouldn't talk to family members who have left the truth and I thought 'oh get a life and stop trying to be so controlling.' It really irked her. I'm fortunate that my family does not pay any attention to that bullshit about shunning family members who leave, though I know others are not so fortunate.............

  • Ding

    The WTS seems to be in full circle-the-wagons mode...

    ... apostates, worldlies, the internet...

  • sabastious

    The explanation was that "something" was said at a WT Study? They didn't explain what it was? Why the ambiguity? What an odd story.


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