went to a funeral today, somewhat awestruck.

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  • Sulla

    My grandfather died last year and, for reason unknowable, decided to have his son, my father, arrange the memorial service. Grandfather was an atheist, my father is a fairly important JW in the circuit.

    Anyhow, memorial service at the funeral home. Forty minutes on eulogy, thirty minutes on JW apologetics. What's the saying, bride at every wedding, corpse at every funeral? That's the JW way.

  • designs


    'Wordly' funerals can have pleasant surprises with inspiring things to say, very unlike our experience while in the Watchtower grip. I attended a service for a childhood friend recently who for reasons unknown committed suicide and the pastor handled the service with dignity and sensativity.

  • DesirousOfChange

    The last funeral I went to I thought was going to be the usual JWS infomercial. However, the speaker talked about this person as a real person and did not turn it into a preaching session. I was so relieved .

    We attended a funeral/memorial service for a long-time JW pillar last month. We were very surprised that it was indeed quite a "memorial" to that individual. It really eulogized him. It was quite refreshing considering what we were expecting. I questioned if there is a new Funeral Discourse outline?


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    When my mom died we insisted on having someone she loved and respected give the memorial talk. He knew her well and did in fact love her back. His talk was 95 percent appreciation for my mom and 5 per cent sales. It was a relief. We EMPHASIZED to him NOT to make it a recruitment event. He was happy to comply. He was neither elder nor ministerial servant. That must have been the key.

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