went to a funeral today, somewhat awestruck.

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  • man in black
    man in black

    This morning I went to a Catholic funeral mass for a priest who inherited, and help grow an orphanage in Chicago. He died from cancer which he had for the past several years.

    When he got the orphanage back in the early 70's the church was ready to shut it down for lack of direction, and growth. But since he took over the reins,

    it has become a very important stop for thousands of troubled youths.

    Anyway (I'm rambling here now),

    The mass went on and I thought that it was going to be pretty boring, but several friends got up and told stories about this priests life,

    and how much he relied on God to help direct him in this assignment so that the children would be the real winners.

    One priest got up and told this story, (most people were quite teary-eyed afterwards): "Father Jim had cancer, and it was staring to develop very quickly, one day when I was visiting him the physical therapist was trying to encourage him to stand up and try walking. The pain must have been pretty bad because Fr. Jim was not in a good mood. When he saw me he lightened up, and I helped the PT try and get him to do a little walking. Well, he stood up and I held his arm and we walked down the hospital hallway . At the end of the hallway there was a big window looking down on the city, and as we came up to the window the sun was starting to set. By a great coincedence, we were facing in the direction of the orphanage and the sunlight was reflecting off of the many windows on the building. Fr. Jim looked at the view and commented "Isn't that just a beautiful view, the sun shining on the orphanage? I grabbed his hand , looked him in the eye and said, " It is just as wonderful inside because of all the work you have put into it". "One of his favorite sayings was There are only two things that we can give our children, one is roots and the other is wings. Today as we celebrate his life we thank him for helping us to root our sense of faith, heritage, and family and for giving us the wings to fly onward knowing that he will always be a part of us. When I heard that I was just stunned, after 25 + years as a jw I never heard anything so encouraging, and honest-hearted at one of their funeral /memorial talks. There were hundreds of people attending, and afterwards they all talked about the good things that this man did, no religious right-wrong discussions, just a very nice gathering. I see how I really missed a lot of honest human interaction during my jw days,

  • clarity

    The passion and gratitude is sorley missing from anything jw!

    I'll be glad to get back to those real feelings again myself!


  • MrFreeze

    A memorial service that wasn't turned into a recruitment service?

  • stillstuckcruz

    I always hate going to JW funerals. They turn into preaching sessions for their non-JW relatives. At the end they always say...."if you would to like to recieve more information about Jehovah's Witness teaching and the resurrection hope, you may see any one of Jehovah's Witnesses and they would be more that happy to share that with you". It really annoyed me. Very nice story. I look forward to those real life people when I can finally get out. :)

  • Violia

    The last funeral I went to I thought was going to be the usual JWS infomercial. However, the speaker talked about this person as a real person and did not turn it into a preaching session. I was so relieved .

  • mouthy

    Lovely reminder that there are many,many true Christians in many "socalled"religions.
    Reminds ME that God views the heart .NOT!!!! the religion....Thanks

  • thetrueone

    I always found JW funerals too scripted and weakly focused on to the person who passed away.

    The comment " a WTS. infomercial " comes to mind.

    It becomes a platform or time to preach JW doctrines.

    In other religious faiths the funeral takes up more time about focusing on the individual and their life and how they effected

    the people they knew and had relationships with, perhaps mixed in with some religious preaching.

    Its a fact when a person passes away the funeral for that person will attended by many people with different faiths and beliefs

    or maybe none at all. So to turn a funeral into time of selective doctrinal preaching its going to obvious turn some people off

    and make them feel uncomfortable . Why do this when people go to these events to pay their last respects and remembrance

    to someone they personally knew and are grieving of their passing ?

    The JW funerals are just a bit opportunistically devised to support their own faith and lack sensitivity toward all who attend..

  • Farkel

    I've stated on more than one occassion that a dub funeral is nothing more than a sales recruitment seminar with a dead body as a prop.


    I've stated on more than one occassion that a dub funeral is nothing more than a sales recruitment seminar
    with a dead body as a prop.....Farkel



  • Igot2bme

    Thank you for sharing that very touching story. What as amazing person he must of been.

    The first JW funeral I attended was that of a young boy whose father was an elder. The kingdom hall that he belonged to was in a nieghboring town 14 miles north of us. I will never forget the table set up with all diffrent kinds WTS publications on display right as you come in the door. Or the cold sermon given to the public for this child, it was nothing more than a recuiting talk. I attended a few more and they were conducted in the same manner, no celebrating the life of the person who passed. Very sad...

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