Is your heart sick? Who is to blame?

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    (Proverbs 13:12) Expectation postponed is making the heart sick, but the thing desired is a tree of life when it does come.

    Jehovah's Witnesses are told that this can happen when they set their expectations too high.

    *** g94 9/8 p. 14 What Can Help You Cope With Stress? ***
    Avoid Unreasonable Expectations
    "Expectation postponed is making the heart sick," says the Bible. (Proverbs 13:12) When expectations are never fulfilled, the stress can be overpowering. This is almost bound to occur when we set our expectations unrealistically high.

    Witnesses are told not to lose patience with or give up on Jehovah because of unrealized expectations.

    *** w01 1/1 p. 10 par. 10 Be Built Up by Love ***
    What, though, if our desire to live in the new world is our sole motive for serving Jehovah? Then we could easily become impatient or dissatisfied when things get difficult or events do not happen as or when we hope.

    *** w00 9/1 pp. 12-14 Show a Waiting Attitude! ***
    Adopt a Waiting Attitude

    5 If we cultivate a mental attitude like that of Jesus, we will not lose the joy of Jehovah even if things do not always happen as and when we expect them to. The prophet Micah said: "As for me, it is for Jehovah that I shall keep on the lookout. I will show a waiting attitude for the God of my salvation." (Micah 7:7; Lamentations 3:21) We too can show a waiting attitude. How? In many ways. For one thing, we may feel that a brother in authority has acted in error and that an immediate correction is needed. A waiting attitude will allow us to consider, ‘Was he really in error, or am I mistaken? If he was in error, could it be that Jehovah is allowing events to unfold because he feels that the individual will improve and that drastic corrective measures will be unnecessary?'

    7 As Bible prophecies undergo fulfillment, our understanding of the Scriptures is refined. At times, though, we may think that a certain clarification is overdue. If it is not forthcoming when we would prefer it, are we willing to wait? Remember, Jehovah saw fit to reveal "the sacred secret of the Christ" a little at a time and over a period of some 4,000 years. (Ephesians 3:3-6) Do we, then, have any reason to be impatient? Do we doubt that a "faithful and discreet slave" has been appointed to give Jehovah's people "their food at the proper time"? (Matthew 24:45) Why deprive ourselves of godly joy because not everything is completely understood? Remember, Jehovah decides when and how to reveal his ‘confidential matters.'-Amos 3:7.

    10 A waiting attitude also helps us to avoid presumptuousness. Some who have become apostate were unwilling to wait. They may have felt that there was a need for adjustments, either in Bible understanding or in organizational matters. Yet, they failed to acknowledge that Jehovah's spirit moves the faithful and discreet slave to make adjustments in His due time, not when we may feel that this is needed. And any adjustments must be in harmony with Jehovah's will, not our personal ideas. Apostates allow a presumptuous attitude to warp their thinking and stumble them. But if they had adopted the mental attitude of Christ, they could have retained their joy and remained among Jehovah's people.-Philippians 2:5-8.

    According to the Watch Tower Organization, It is the fault of the Witness for losing patience with Jehovah ... and some do lose patience with God ... but is it God or a religion that calls itself "God's Organization" that should be blamed?

    Who's fault is it for causing "expectation postponed" making "the heart sick"?

    Here are a few words abused by the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society which puts blame where it belongs.

    Included are select references going back to 1950, as this is the furthest date in the Watchtower Library, however, these words have been abused ever since expectations about 1914 weren't fulfilled as originally proclaimed. (These words are used scores of times, I include only a few instances.)

  • wannabefree

    soon /'su:n/ adverb
    soon•er; soon•est
    1 a : at a time that is not long from now
    ? We will soon be making changes. ? I'll see you soon. ? The soonest I can get there is tomorrow. ? When is the soonest possible date of delivery? ? We'll find out the answer soon enough. [=we'll find out the answer soon] ? We need to fix this problem sooner rather than later. [=we need to fix this problem soon]

    If somebody tells you that an event will happen "soon", what would be a reasonable expectation to have about that time period?

    A year? ....

    *** w10 9/15 p. 28 par. 13 Our Active Leader Today ***
    Christ's "presence" since 1914 has gone unnoticed by most of earth's inhabitants. (2 Pet. 3:3, 4) Soon, however, he will make his presence manifest by executing Jehovah's judgments on the various elements of Satan's system of things. The destruction of "the man of lawlessness," the clergy of Christendom, will be an unmistakable "manifestation of his presence." (Read 2 Thessalonians 2:3, 8.)

    2 Years? ...

    *** w09 9/1 p. 30 How to Be a Successful Missionary ***
    the Bible promises that soon the earth will be a physical paradise.

    5 Years? ...

    *** w06 9/15 p. 3 What Are "the Last Days"? ***
    The Bible refers to this time as "the last days." We can be glad that soon the Devil's influence over the earth will be totally done away with.

    10 Years? ...

    *** w01 7/1 p. 9 par. 9 Rejoice in the Knowledge of Jehovah ***
    Word. Multitudes of people now understand that Christ Jesus was enthroned in the invisible heavens in 1914. They also know that he will soon bring an end to all wickedness and transform the earth into a global paradise.

    20 Years? ...

    *** w91 5/1 p. 18 par. 13 Speak the Pure Language and Live Forever! ***
    God's Kingdom under Christ will soon bring grand blessings to all obedient mankind on a paradise earth.

    50 Years? ...

    *** w51 6/1 pp. 351-352 Questions From Readers ***
    When Jesus warned of the folly of delaying flight, he did mention a shortening of the days of tribulation that some flesh might be saved. We are now in this specially provided period for the salvation of Jehovah's "sheep", when the tribulation launched against Satan's organization in 1914 has let up but will soon resume to its climax and finish in Armageddon. Now is the time to flee, as prefigured by the temporary lifting of the Babylonians' siege of Jerusalem, and which allowed for escape by those who heeded Jeremiah's preaching. (Jer. 37:1-12; 39:1-9) Similarly, the Roman siege of Jerusalem began A.D. 66, but was strangely lifted for a time and allowed opportunity of escape before its resumption under Titus and the city's fall, A.D. 70. Both of these sieges and falls of Jerusalem, with their interims of relieved pressure allowing for escape, pictured the final tribulation upon Satan and his organization beginning A.D. 1914 and ending at Armageddon, but shortened by the present in-between period allowing opportunity for the saving of persons devoted to Jehovah God. Hence the foregoing shows there is no opportunity for last-minute flight or deathbed repentance after Armageddon begins.

    I recommend that the representatives of the "faithful slave" class switch to the term "sooner or later" as it would be more appropriate.

  • wannabefree

    thresh•old noun
    2 : the point or level at which something begins or changes
    on/at the threshold
    : at the beginning of something or very close to something (such as a new condition, an important discovery, etc.)

    What would be a reasonable expectation to make if you were told you were at the "threshold"?

    *** w50 10/1 p. 355 par. 20 "Droop Not Your Hands" ***
    And now in this "time of the end", when we are at the threshold of the new world, he has gathered us to his organization in fulfillment of his promise: "I will gather them that sorrow for the solemn assembly, who were of thee; to whom the burden upon her was a reproach. Behold, at that time I will deal with all them that afflict thee; and I will save that which was lame, and gather that which was driven away; and I will make them a praise and a name, whose shame hath been in all the earth."-Zeph. 3:18, 19, AS.

    *** w60 9/1 p. 538 par. 11 Awake Worshipers in the Time of the End ***
    What a shame it would be to lose out on the new world when we are now at its threshold!

    *** w70 4/1 p. 208 par. 2 Building Disciples Having the Quality of Endurance ***
    We are fifty-five years into the Biblically foretold "time of the end" for this system of things, and the world stands at the very threshold of a "great tribulation" culminating in Armageddon, "the war of the great day of God the Almighty." (Rev. 16:14, 16; 19:11-21)

    *** w83 3/1 p. 8 Is There a Way out of Unhappiness? ***
    The difficult time all faithful Christians are now having is soon to end, for we are rapidly approaching a new, happy era. We are on the threshold of "a new heaven and a new earth." (Revelation 21:1-4) What a cause for happiness!

    *** w90 7/15 p. 6 Soon-A World Without Pain! ***
    Soon, "the former heaven and the former earth," Satan the Devil's organized system of things with its governmental structure, will pass away. The turbulent "sea" of wicked mankind will cease to exist. We therefore stand at the very threshold of a divinely blessed governmental "new heaven" over "a new earth," a righteous human society. In these "righteousness is to dwell."-Revelation 21:1; 2 Peter 3:13.

    *** w00 1/15 p. 7 God's Prophetic Word Gives Hope for the Future ***
    Yes, we stand at the very threshold of the fulfillment of Jehovah's decree against Satan and his entire wicked system.

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    im•mi•nent   [im-uh-nuh nt] adjective
    1.likely to occur at any moment; impending: Her death is imminent.

    What do you think is a reasonable expectation when someone tells you an event is "imminent"?

    *** w52 12/1 p. 709 Walking Blamelessly Through the Last Days ***
    now, by occurrence of every detail of the great sign Jesus gave, we know that we face the imminent end of the present world system. (Matthew 24; Mark 13; Luke 21)

    *** w57 1/1 p. 30 Give Jehovah Exclusive Devotion ***
    In view of the imminent approach of the battle of Armageddon, where he will vindicate his name by wiping out his enemies, his paramount commandment for us today relates to the making known of his name and purposes.-1 John 5:3, NW.

    *** w67 11/15 p. 699 Assemblies That Promote Disciple-making ***
    keynote address, "Let God Arise, Let His Enemies Be Scattered," pointed to the imminent end of wickedness when God will soon arise against his enemies at the end of this system of things.

    *** w77 4/1 p. 201 par. 18 How Can You Find Real Security? ***
    In view of the imminent collapse of human systems, and the subsequent vast material loss that could take place, it would be shortsighted indeed not to prepare ourselves for it mentally.

    *** w84 11/15 p. 22 par. 4 "The Time Left Is Reduced" ***
    Happily, the Creator of planet Earth and mankind will soon destroy this wicked, suicidal system. Its time is short because "the great day of Jehovah" is imminent! (Zephaniah 1:14-18)

    *** w04 1/15 p. 13 par. 15 Jehovah's Greatness Is Unsearchable ***
    This "great crowd" will survive the imminent "great tribulation," with the prospect of eternal life in Paradise as permanent members of the "new earth."

    *** w10 8/1 p. 6 Four Questions About the End Answered ***
    The end is imminent when all the following events are happening at the same time and on a global scale.

    (Proverbs 13:12) Expectation postponed is making the heart sick, but the thing desired is a tree of life when it does come.

    Who planted the expectation in the first place?

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    rap•id [rap-id] adjective, -er, -est, noun
    1. occurring within a short time; happening speedily: rapid growth.
    2. moving or acting with great speed; swift: a rapid worker.
    3. characterized by speed: rapid motion.

    rap•id•ly, adverb

    *** w50 3/1 p. 67 par. 1 A Call to Praise ***
    The rapidly approaching battle of Armageddon makes the matter of praising God increasingly urgent for survival.

    *** w55 4/15 p. 256 Announcements ***
    With Armageddon rapidly approaching, it is important that Jehovah's witnesses tell people about Jehovah's loving provisions for deliverance.

    *** w60 7/1 p. 414 Assembling Still More as the Day Draws Near ***
    What day is drawing near? Not the general "day of Jehovah," for it is here, having begun in 1914. Rather, it is the special day of Jehovah for his vindication: "Wait ye for me, saith Jehovah, until the day that I rise up to the prey; for my determination is to gather the nations, that I may assemble the kingdoms, to pour upon them mine indignation, even all my fierce anger; for all the earth shall be devoured with the fire of my jealousy." That day is rapidly approaching.-Zeph. 3:8, AS.

    *** w65 9/1 p. 518 God's Kingdom and Christ's Transfiguration ***
    Because that prophecy said that such a work would be done preceding "the great and fear-inspiring day of Jehovah," which day is rapidly approaching and which includes "the war of the great day of God the Almighty," Armageddon.

    *** w75 7/15 p. 444 par. 22 We Appreciate the Young Ones Who Are Walking in Jehovah's Way ***
    as we approach the end of this system of things and see the new order of righteousness rapidly approaching.

    *** w79 11/1 p. 17 par. 3 Christian Neutrality as God's War Approaches ***
    since the "war of the great day of God the Almighty" at Har-Magedon is now rapidly approaching

    *** w84 7/15 p. 17 par. 7 Build Your Future With Jehovah's Organization ***
    Shortly after the destruction of false religion, Jesus Christ will use his heavenly army to destroy the rest of this wicked system of things. It will perish in the rapidly approaching "war of the great day of God the Almighty" at Har-Magedon.-Revelation 16:14-16; 19:11-21.

    *** w90 9/15 p. 28 The Meaning of the Proverb ***
    Those who are upright will soon see the wicked perish from the earth in the rapidly approaching "day of Jehovah's anger."

    *** w95 11/15 p. 15 par. 1 Stay in the "City of Refuge" and Live! ***
    Jesus will serve as God's Executioner during the rapidly approaching "great tribulation." (Matthew 24:21, 22; Isaiah 26:21)

    *** w00 2/1 p. 8 par. 2 How Much Longer for the Wicked? ***
    For the sake of the upright ones in these last days, God will bring destruction upon all wicked humans. The last of them will draw his final breath in the rapidly approaching "war of the great day of God the Almighty."-Revelation 16:14, 16.

    *** w09 3/15 p. 19 par. 15 "Be Vigilant" ***
    How should knowing that the end of this wicked system is rapidly approaching affect us?

  • Bella15

    Who planted the expectation in the first place?

    Got it.

  • Ding

    After the 1975 failure, the WTS message was clear: "The expectations were your fault. Get over it!"

  • wannabefree

    short•ly [shawrt-lee] adverb
    1. in a short time; soon.
    2. briefly; concisely.
    3. curtly; rudely.

    *** w50 9/1 p. 286 par. 14 Living According to Superior Knowledge ***
    Shortly, at a thieflike hour, the Supreme Warrior for truth and righteousness will make himself known to all his opposers in a language that they will understand, the language of cosmic forces that will speak destruction to them.

    *** w54 6/15 pp. 374-375 par. 22 The Revelation of Jesus Christ ***
    Since Christ has already taken up his kingdom authority with the beginning of his presence in 1914, and since his presence begins a time of judgment, it follows that his revelation in symbolic fire for execution of judgment at the battle of Armageddon must follow very shortly. (Matt. 24:34)

    *** w59 4/1 p. 219 Will Many Now Living Never Die? ***
    The persons who respond favorably to the good news of the Kingdom are likened to sheep. They are meek and teachable and show a willingness to follow the Good Shepherd, Christ Jesus. These sheeplike persons form a New World society. It is an active society that zealously proclaims that God's kingdom is now established in the heavens and will shortly usher in a new world of righteousness.

    *** w64 2/1 p. 71 What Is Required to Please God? ***
    Shortly God will shower down material blessings on those who please him by granting them everlasting life and perfect health in his restored Paradise.

    *** w69 9/1 p. 532 par. 6 Faith and Determination Needed to Please Jehovah ***
    The human eye at present sees no evidence of global paradisaic conditions here on earth. However, those with faith that such will shortly be a reality, have proof or evidence that can be demonstrated (e′leg•khos) to back up their belief in such a promised global paradise soon to come.

    *** w74 10/15 p. 621 par. 8 God's Agents for Uniting All Things Are Succeeding ***
    The new government that God purposed to attend to the affairs of all mankind must shortly take over.

    *** w79 12/1 p. 10 The Way Peace Can Come to Earth ***
    If you are a lover of peace, you can enjoy peace with God and with fellow Christians now, and a measure of peace with others, as a foretaste of the complete peace to be enjoyed shortly in God's new order.

    *** w84 10/1 p. 13 par. 15 Why We Must Be No Part of This World ***
    "The world," unrighteous human society, is nearing its end in the fast-approaching "great tribulation." (Matthew 24:21) During that period of time every vestige of this world's political, commercial and false religious elements will be destroyed. So how could any true witnesses of Jehovah devote all their time, energy and resources to these elements that shortly will come to nothing?

    *** w94 7/1 p. 13 par. 16 At Which Table Are You Feeding? ***
    Shortly, the great tribulation will suddenly break out, moving quickly to a climax in "the war of the great day of God the Almighty." (Revelation 16:14, 16)

    *** w00 5/1 p. 7 Fighting Corruption With the Sword of the Spirit ***
    And Jehovah promises those who long for a world free from corruption that shortly there will come "new heavens and a new earth . . . and in these righteousness is to dwell."-2 Peter 3:13.

    *** w10 9/15 p. 13 par. 6 Unity Identifies True Worship ***
    God's Kingdom will shortly replace human governments and bless obedient mankind with genuine, lasting peace. (Isa. 11:4-9; Dan. 2:44)

  • Nobleheart

    Thank you for the quotes wannabefree. It really does put into perspective these expectations decades ago, which unfortunately remain the same today for the present day JW.

    Eccl 1:4 " Generations come and generations go, but the earth remains forever." can be adapted for JWs to " Generations come and generations go, but the end is imminent."

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