When Was Ancient Jerusalem Destroyed? Part Two

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  • sizemik

    Well the letter posted by Alleymom shoots that duck on the water . . . and exposes the blatant dishonesty of the WT writing Dept. You'd think they could keep their misrepresentations to one per article at least.

    No wonder they avoid the practice of including a bibliography. Naming sources and misrepresenting direct quotes without a bibliography is irresponsible and a carefully constructed deception at the quoted Authors expense . . . almost libelous.

    Anything else you'd like to discuss Maze?

  • BluesBrother

    I will confess that I do not find it easy to follow the arguments of either those in support of the 587 date, ot those pushing 607.....I must be thick ! but I want to study the printed mag when I get it.

    I will say,however, that many years back when I was still a faithful dub, it struck me that to use the Bible as the basis for proving the date of a fulfilled Bible prophecy, is just circular reasoning. They are using the Scriptures to prove the Scriptures, and that is no argument at all. Of course The Bible gives no calendar dates BCE and everything is calculated..

    It would not matter so much but all the calculations leading to the "last days" depend on this date

  • LostGeneration

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