If John and Paul were alive today wouldn't they be put on medication and kept in a loony ward?

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  • sizemik
    I think John was perfectly sane. He was just writing a typical apocalyptic narrative.

    A typical apocalyptic narrative eh? Sheesh, I need to read more!

    Patmos has psylocybin mushrooms growing all over the place, and claims that John wrote Revelation under their influence.

    Hence my cryptic reference . . . thank you Scully.

    Interesting angle AnonyMouse . . . must look into that

  • AnneB

    Count me in with the worldly ones! I'm like....Paul died???

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz


    they would be on here

    giving obves and Lars a run for their money!


  • sizemik
    There are those that interpret Revelation entirely in the framework of Nero's persecution of Christians. . . . AnonyMous

    Hmmm . . . after some quick research it would appear this is in fact a fairly widely held viewpoint, particularly among mainstream Christianity . . . based on fairly sound scholarly reasoning as well.

    Thank you transhuman . . . it would also appear that apocalyptic narrative was a popular writing form in ancient times . . . especially the first century. Kind of like their version of science fiction almost . . . but with a practical or contemporary theme that was historically relevant.

    I wonder why God felt the need to imitate this particular writing style, contemporary of it's day. He liked to stay in fashion perhaps?

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