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  • Kensho

    Okay I know everyone has probably already attended the DC and have posted their experiences here, but I just went to Fri. and Sat. session (with a drama although timely for families I thought would never end) and a couple of bizarre things stood out.

    1. very poor attempt at explaining the overlapping Gen. New light

      During the brother's talk he said" there are two phases to the overlapping generations"

      Phase 1= “anointed” during the year 1914 ( must have been adults in 1914)

      Phase 2= “anointed” overlapping gen. That are alive today

    Point Br. Made - that no matter which phase 1 or 2 they are all very old and not much time left!

    Excuse me isn't one of the GB just in his mid 50's? Not one script. Sited other than Matt. 24 :34

    I guess this buys the org. another 30-40 yrs.

    But the kicker of conflicting messages presented = on a couple of parts and demo's the subject of paying off credit cards was discussed with the view to simplifying in order to do more in the ministry

    sounds good wright?

    Then why the hell is there credit card machines throughout the convention and constant announcements from the platform to make use of them to make DONATIONS during the weekend??????

    Does anyone get this? My wife thinks I'm just making a big deal out of nothing.

    Kensho Satori

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    They don't REALLY want JWs to pay down their credit cards so they can "simplify their lives" and do more service. They want the cards paid down so they can DONATE MORE to the BORG HQ. They'll do the service anyway, whether they're broke or wealthy, because the motivator for it is fear and guilt.

    As for the overlapping thing, nobody can really explain it well because it makes NO SENSE.

    Were you there Sunday for "the toes" of Daniel's image? Talk about a debacle!

  • shamus100

    The Watchtower has become each and every thing that the said they would never become.

    The key is to accept the fact that people who buy the watchtower crack are nothing more than drug addicts who need to hit rock bottom before seeing the light. ;)

    Their numbers are dwindling, it speaks volumes.

  • flipper

    The WT society leaders are absolute criminals. " Pay down your credit cards to simplify to do more in the ministry ". Yeah, right. It's more likely " pay down your credit cards so you can donate more to the WT society kingdom funds " - is a bit more accurate. Lordy, lordy. I find it so weird that they installed credit card machines at assemblies now. But knowing how greedy this organization is- it doesn't quite surprise me anymore

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Wifey attended one day. Didn't say anything about it really. I'm guessing it bored her with all the old facts and trivia. After all, what can be new about listen or die. Although every year about this time, I do hear some cheeleading from a few JW's a communicate with.

  • discreetslave
  • thetrueone

    It's more likely " pay down your credit cards so you can donate more to the WT society kingdom funds " - is a bit more accurate.

    Good grief ! have they actually done this ? My how things have changed over the years .

    Do they actually pass out those pamphlets too showing how to give your last Will and Estate to the organization as well ?

    First you insinuate and establish the fear and guilt, then you extrapolate money and free labor out of people.

    What an obvious con job there crooks have established for themselves, all circumvented on the premise of religious wholesome virtue.

  • discreetslave

    The credit card machines were set up on tables throuoghout the DC. I sat there picturing myself overturning them. I wonder if they're going to be at the assembly halls also.

  • shamus100

    I bet Jesus would have overturned them, discreetslave. ;)

  • Jeremy C
    Jeremy C

    On the subject of paying down credit cards:

    The men in leadership are completely out of touch with the many reasons as to why people have credit cards. Almost none of the Governing Body members know what it’s like to have to pay for rent, healthcare, car repairs, and groceries. Of those that did have secular jobs, those jobs were decades ago when the economy was radically different.

    All they need to do is spend fifteen minutes on CNN Money or reading about the current economy to understand why current trends are the way they are. Economists have already discussed at great length the trends regarding the use of credit cards. Contrary to popular myths, people most often use credit cards for emergency expenses that they can’t afford: unexpected car repairs, an emergency room visit for their child, etc.

    The Watchtower leaders are profoundly out of touch with reality and the modern day economy. People who have been convinced that college is a waste of time cannot find jobs that pay enough to be able to afford all of life’s necessities. Guess what has to fill in the gap? Credit.

    I cannot believe the sheer stupidity of these men. Someone needs to sit them down and give them a rudimentary economics lesson. And while they’re at it, hand them a copy of “Logical Fallacies for Dummies”.

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