Would you rather live under Islam or WT?

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  • soft+gentle

    Islam has diversity and encourages education Jehovahs witnesses do not ... so I would rather have lived under Islam.

  • WTWizard

    At least there are relatively moderate denominations of Islam. The Washtowel is very strict, and if anyone isn't that strict, they will be hounded to death. And yes, the Muslims do stone people to death (instead of just ruining their lives) for stupid things.

    However, how many people can say that the Muslim faith wastes virtually all of their time on dead works like the witlesses do?

  • cantleave


    As an atheist why should I have to live by rules based on any mythical being?

  • dgp

    Guys, you're forgetting the basic message: Socialism or death! The OP didn't say you could choose "C): None of the above".

  • redhare67

    Who is the god of the Bible and his son, jesus christ?

  • punkofnice

    Ooooh! Hobson's choice!

    Shoot me now!

  • Nambo

    Do you not think the Witnesses would also execute people for far less reasons than Muslims do if such a thing was legal?

    I can just picture the look of insane glee on some of the Witness faces having learnt somebody tried a smoke, as they rush to find the biggest stone they can find.

    The Witnesses have to settle for disfellowshipping instead which is like a delayed death sentance were it is God who will do the killing for you, in the meantime you pretend the doctrine breaker is dead.

    Its also adviseable to seperate Islamic behaviour from Cultural behaviour of Islamic countries when critisising this religion, Female circumcision for example, whilst being practised by Muslims, isnt actually a Muslim doctrine, its just that the peoples whose culture practise such a thing, also practise Islam.

  • Fernando


    Legalism, or extreme legalism.

    It matters not.

    Both are apostasy.

    As aptly explained in the 1979 Awake, most likely by Ray Franz.

    Search for "legalism".

  • Fernando

    An interesting related Google search:

    "Muslims are not Islamists".

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