Calling all "Mentally Diseased" Apostates!!

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  • InterestedOne

    I can't make it to the meeting, but if someone could record theirs, I would be interested to hear it. One idea for a comment that came to me was simply to keep including the words "mentally diseased" in an even tone of voice, but very clear so someone might be inspired to think WTF? Something like:

    I appreciate how the article brought out that those who are no longer in the congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses are mentally diseased. I am thankful that the article has warned me that these people are mentally diseased. If I ever encounter these people, I will keep in mind that they are mentally diseased.

    Maybe it's a bad idea, but I just wanted to share.

  • jamiebowers

    Serenity, I see you're FB friends with Graham Huff. If you contact him, tell him Isaid, "Hello!" He's crazy, but he's such a dear man.

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    I just got done watching the end of some old flick called The Bishop Murders, a Sherlock Holmes kinda film from 1930. At the end, when the old man is found out to be the murderer, he has a heart attack and dies. One of the detectives muses out loud whether or not they're all guilty of murder as the lead detective insinuated that the old man drank some poison intended for someone else, but the detective switched the glasses unbeknownst to the culprit. After he told the culprit, the old man grabbed his heart, fell on his knees, and keeled over on the floor, dead. The detective responds to the other detective, "Nonsense, the poison in the cup didn't kill him. Rather its was the poison that fermented in his diseased brain that killed him!" I busted out laughing after hearing that. Then I came across this thread. Ironic, right?

    Knock em out at the meeting, Serenity. By the way, I peeped you before Agonus, and I ain't too proud to not fight over a beautiful woman.

  • oompa

    go for it flip...i wish i could do that....i am kinda infamous...i would have to drive a long ways...or go to a hispanic congo....or i could slit my wrists, drink draino or anti-freeze...........oompa

  • discreetslave
  • agonus

    I'm a lover, not a fighter ;-P

  • silvergirl

    I made a video response to this thread:

  • RayPublisher

    Here's a message for the GB on mp3. Please pass it on:

  • trailerfitter

    I just can't read all of the article,..... It is so boviously bias........ it goes on about chrisendom and the false stories, Christmas and holidays and how unclean it all is. The more I read the more I realise that the organisation is evil.

    I feel so angry about the fact that they say we are either mentally ill or under the influence of Satan. Hasn't history and science proved anything?? I remember as a child being appauled at something on TV which showed that girls with cirly hair had the mark of Satan and were evil.... this is almost WT thinking...

    The was a 300 year period in history that hindered people and put most in fear of being persecuted becuase of the little theory of Satan and witchcraft. Lest I hope it never happens again. Why are the WT so twisted??

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Sunday my daughter will be with me...

    That means she will miss this abomination of a study!



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