WT: "Disfellowshipped teenagers = Nadab and Abihu"

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  • ziddina

    Oooo, Cedars, that is an April 15th, 1988 Watchtower that you quote, if I see things correctly...

    That is a GOOD quote! The other quote that I've seen on-board, comes from a 1950's watchtower, if I remember correctly...

    Yours is so much more RECENT!! Any chance you could post an actual scan of that page of the magazine??

    Thanks in advance!


  • cedars

    Hi ziddina - thanks! I haven't yet been quite so emotional when writing a post as this one, because the disfellowshipping policy (to my mind) is the main reason why many of us are so screwed up, and to read such blatantly moronic reasoning makes me quiver with rage!

    I would love to post actual images of the Watchtower pages, but my hands are tied somewhat in that I am afraid of actually hosting the images, which I would need to do in order to post them. Make sense? If I host the images, I could potentially leave a trail back to me, and I am not currently ready to start doing that. However, if you drop a message to jwfacts, maybe he would oblige? Or you could do so yourself? Wish I could be of more help.

  • trailerfitter

    I just added 2 more folk to the list that God killed.

  • silvergirl

    reading this article just made me start bawling. I miss my parents SO BADLY sometimes i feel like my heart is breaking. Why oh WHY does an Organization have to make a point to crush natural parental affection? I try so hard not to let this cripple me in my everyday life, it takes so much energy just to keep the thoughts at bay. I want freedom from this so badly...

  • cedars

    Why oh WHY does an Organization have to make a point to crush natural parental affection?

    The sad part is, it is all about self-preservation. The more they can limit any contact between those who have LEFT the organization, and those who are IN the organization, the better the chance that nobody within will learn the truth that everybody on the outside knows - that this is just another flawed human organization. The organization therefore protects itself from external contamination.

    I genuinely feel for you, and I'm almost sorry to have written something that would make you cry. If it makes any difference, I got quite emotional writing it. I've only recently begun reading Watchtower articles from an objective perspective, and it now infuriates me to see how self-contradictory and incomprehensible much of the logic and reasoning is. The really sad thing is, I was buying into this stuff until only relatively recently, so I can't condemn anyone for believing it.

    I hope you can find some comfort in knowing that you are not alone in your feelings of anger and hopelesness. You have many friends on this site who desperately want you to succeed in not allowing the organization to crush you, even if it has temporarily succeeded in breaking up your family.

  • discreetslave

    @ silvergirl (((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))) I feel for you and know we are here for you. You are not alone. I sent you a PM

    Cedars thanks for this post also. This is another article I am dreading. We know these things are nothing new but I feel they're going to come around more often than they use to. I think of all the baptized young ones who love & want to please their parents. This is to instill the fear of WTB$ in them. They're bieng reminded that there parents are to cut them off. If they leave there is no one for them.

    I hate how they bring they the child is leaving because he is preferring the temporary enjoyment of sin. There is no other reason a person would leave.

    Let's not forget the simplified version of of these aricles where the pictures are twice as big and it's made easier to understand. I don't care what they say this simplified version ia obviously made to indoctrinate the children better.

  • cedars

    discreetslave - you have a point, the pictures ARE bigger in the simplified version, and the society even list young ones among the intended readership of the English simplified version.

  • Ding

    Notice how the Watchtower Society has supposedly replaced the nation of Israel in the divine plan.

    Evidently, the GB has never read Romans 9-11.

    Romans 11:1 alone is enough to refute their entire claim.

  • cedars

    Thanks Ding, although I'm not sure where you're going with this. Can I assume you're an exponent of zionism? If so, what has zionism got to do with disfellowshipping and the needless heartache it brings on families?

  • blondie

    1) Aaron's sons were not teenagers; priests began serving at the age of 30. They were men that were married and had children themselves. How can they be compared to teenagers; more fittingly to the elders, supposedly the ones "taking the lead" in religious activities.

    2) The WTS explains that they were drunk while performing their priestly duties....how many drunk/alcoholic elders did you know that were df'd or rather it was covered up by the elders? (I can name 25 offhand; many not dealt with until this area started printing the names of those convicted of DWI/DUI. One elder had been convicted 10 times and the whole congregation knew it. I can remember bringing some people to the meetings who asked me if it was permissible to drink alcohol before a religious meeting...and said they knew at least 2 that were currently looped at the meeting...they would know being recovering alcoholics themselves.

    *** w04 5/15 p. 22 Highlights From the Book of Leviticus ***

    10:1, 2—What may have been involved in the sin of Aaron’s sons Nadab and Abihu? Soon after Nadab and Abihu took liberties in performing their priestly duties, Jehovah forbade priests to use wine or intoxicating liquor while serving at the tabernacle. (Leviticus 10:9) This suggests that Aaron’s two sons may have been under the influence of alcohol on the occasion here under consideration. However, the actual reason for their death was their offering “illegitimate fire, which [Jehovah] had not prescribed for them.”

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