If I direct somone to www.jw.org to download a magazine ...

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  • bats in the belfry
    bats in the belfry

    ziddina > Pls look at #4 entry of this post, there you'll find the answer to your question.

  • Scully

    I think someone would get suspicious if a Field Service Reportâ„¢ was turned in that reported 1,500 magazines placed in 15 minutes or less.

  • ziddina
    "would that constitute a placement for the JW asking and confirming with me to have done so? ..."


    But I'm still curious...

    How did that come about?? Is this JW a relative of yours? A friend? Just contacted you at the door? A neighbor? A co-worker? A classmate?

    Just curious...

    Zid the She-Devil

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