Venus Williams has been diagnosed with a threatening illness...

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  • ohiocowboy

    It appears that she has taken ill with an auto-immune disease. It is called Sjogren Syndrome. I hope that she can make a recovery. It can sometimes be life threatening, but usually not. Unfortunately, the JW's will probably say that she needs to rely more on Jehovah to get better.

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    Take care, Venus, here's wishing you the best, and please rely on the Doctors to get better.

  • mummatron

    I had never heard of Sjögren's syndrome before today, so thanks for bringing it to my attention. It sounds awfully debilitating and the threat of developing lymphoma must be a huge worry for sufferers. Venus is fortunate to be in a position to access the best healthcare.

  • Irreverent

    I have heard of it, a co-worker has it and I have a related illness. There is no cure, just limited treatment. I don't wish bad or no healthcare on anyone.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    My life was shattered by a rare illness. She has such a long fall. Imagine such a world class athlete being felled. HOpfeully, her celebrity might draw funds for further research. I've since suffered run of the mill severe illnesses. The biggest problems wtih rare illness is that research is not being refunded, few people undertsand your illness, and the treatment is usually controversial.

    I had one crazy doctor after another. Mainstream diseases seem to attract more stable doctors.

    She is so full of life. Sad.

  • Bella15

    I don't like her ...

  • NewChapter

    Bella, did you want to add a "but" to you comment. Something like, I don't like her "BUT" I don't want her to be sick either?

    Another problem with rare or orphaned illnesses is that even effective treatment can be incredibly expensive. I have one of those, and the medicine is astronomical. I'm glad she has health care coverage, life would be a nightmare without it.


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Whether you "like" someone or not is not the important thing here.

    A PERSON that we are all a little bit familiar with has an illness.

    That is a bad thing.

    I hope she can be reasonably comfortable best she can be with this.

  • Violia

    I have heard of it too. I too share with others in having a rare autoimmune disease.

  • soft+gentle

    I read about this and was quite shocked...its going to be tough adjusting to her new life of illness

  • shamus100

    I, too, hope she will be okay.

    She is NOT a JW. Imagine if she were to post here one day. :(

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