Still no pant suits, for sisters

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  • Quarterback

    I was watching the CNN this evening..watched Hilliary Clinton walk towards some dignataries in a foreign land. I saw that she was well dressed in a Pant Suit. She is the US Secretary Of State, and what she wore was dignified. So why on earth does the ORG still insist on Sisters wearing dresses or skirts? Do you think that we will ever see a day when sisters will be free to do this?

  • ziddina

    Hah! NEVER!!!

    The Watchtower Society is permanently stuck in 1950's American culture...

    "Nice young ladiezzzz do NOT wear slacks!!"

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Pantsuits are much more asexual than skirts. I don't like Hillary suits personally. She should get a bad fashion award. Her hair is a mess, too.

    But I doubt she is Secy' of State b/c of what she wears. Notice we are not discussing some man's suits.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Strange restrictions on the sisters reminds them that they are not the equals of men in the organization.
    They will keep that silly rule.

    I have decided that any organization that makes women secondary members is messed up.

  • james_woods

    This rule is plain and simple misogyn in the JW world - although they are dominated numerically by women, they cannot let them have even the slightest outward sign of authority.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    No pant suits for women.

    No beards for brothers.

    It's not modest and well-arranged.

    Pay no attention to the US Secretary of State who wears pant suits or the US Chairman of the Federal Reserve who has a neatly trimmed beard.


  • NewChapter

    If sisters were allowed to wear pants, they might get the mistaken impression that they matter. It's not submissive like.

  • Quarterback

    Pant suits sure are great in the cold winter.

  • darthfader

    Worldly men wear beards and women wear pants... Dear Brothers and Sisters, let us be no part of the world and not imitate the evildoers in Satan's wicked system of things...

    <yuk -- I cant beleive I typed that...>

  • mimimimi

    I read that Hilary Clinton wears pant suits because she has large, unattractive legs. The Watchtower society will never allow women to wear pants. That in itself ought to be enough to make women think negatively about the org. But look at Pentecostal/Assembly of God women. They just eat it up! Can't have short hair, can't have sleeveless tops, have to wear skirts - no pants ever. Where are their brains?

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