Stupid Rule: "Necessary Business" Is Acceptable With Disfellowshipped Family Members....

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    Band on the Run

    I am so grateful my JW relatives looked the other way. It was a long while ago and they were born-in for generations. Now I'm wondering if there was a family conference as to how to deal with evil me.

    I always respected their faith. They would study the WT and pray in front of me. I could not do my religion in front of me. There was a double standard. Still, I was very fortunate when I read these posts.

    D'fing may be worse than pedophilia or blood. Families were so important in Jesus' day. I'm thinking of all the times, even as an adult, when my JW grandmother or aunt visited me in the hospital. I had a horrid time adjusting to college. Severe anixety ensued. I spent days at my JW aunts, being polite, and then went home at night when my mom left work. When I ready to commit suicide from facial neuralgia, their home was a haven. In fact, groiwng up, my father was dangerously abusive. An agency wanted to place me far away so that I would be safe. Their home was a refuge.

    Since posting here, I realize how much I would have lost if they abandoned or condemned me. Heck, they even saw our Christmas tree, by horrid accident, and still talked to us. For my part, when I was young and told off everyone else, I kept my mouth shut about the Witnesses. In college, when I read the NT as a whole, I never called them to announce what I diiscovered.

    Weird dance.

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