When Water Guns Threaten A Religion

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  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Why whenever the subject of Islam comes up do we have to be P.C and differentiate the extremists from the rest and feel bad for lumping them all together?

    Its (christian/Islamic/whatever) followers are as guilty as the fundamentalists they ALLOW and TOLERATE. The people need to clean the shit from their own kitchens or some government WILL do it en mass. The followers of these religions are WEAK. Every time some whacko group does or says something they stand up and cry how 'we are not all like that'. Maybe not...but prove it. Wipe the fundi idiots from the religions then. Stand up and show the world that these fundamentalists are not to be tolerated.

    People are getting sick of religion. Christianity has become the laughing stock of the world while Islam has become the fear of the world.

    If the people in those religions dont reign in the extremists then some government organization will reign them all in together...

    Its a storm a commin'...


  • james_woods
    I might add that most of the ones in rulership positions are not mainstream Muslims. The ones that make the rules are usually the extremists, the ones that insist that people should be executed for breaking Ramadan fasts, that women need face veils at all times, and that fun is immoral. They are also the ones that insist that Islam is supposed to force its way throughout the world at all costs. Those are the pigs.

    True that those leaders are pigs - but the leaders were not the ones protesting in the amusement park, not the ones who put down their water pistols because they blindly follow the leaders.

    It is like the JWs in that sense - no, the rank and file did not think up the false prophecy or the blood doctrine, but they blindly follow their leadership.

    If the ones that make the rules are extremists, then what does that make the ones who follow the extremist rules?

    Like I said, those amusement park protestors were probably not and probably will never be suicide bombers - but look at what they were induced into doing in the name of religion.

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