When Water Guns Threaten A Religion

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  • metatron

    Today's Wall Street Journal has a front page article about how squirt guns are viewed as a threat to the Iranian Theocracy. Young people there are being arrested and beaten by authorities who condemn water pistols as 'immoral'. There have been open water fights with police and forced confessions on Iranian TV. American and Zionist are subverting the regime.

    When does it ever stop? A group of old men - who claim to have the Creator of the Universe backing them - feel threatened by water guns....

    .... or college... or vampire movies... or Facebook....


  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Funny, I was always prevented playing with water or any other toy guns because we 'would not learn war anymore'.

    Quickly changed when I learned what war really was visiting Sarajevo and Kosovo at 14 'trying to help the brothers' (and helping our local brothers sell cars over there).

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    Anyone who claims to have the backing of the Almighty of the Universe is an ASS HAT and I will tell them to their face the following words. "Sir you are an ass hat because you wear your ass as a hat..."

    I mean seriously....A water pistol or a super soaker are the big threat to these clowns...NOT the Ak-47's, RPG's and the maniacs who wage war with them. It's a spray gun....I repeat...ASS HATS

  • steve2

    There's nothing like dealing to people who use so-called "violent" weapons by even greater violence: it sends hom a reliably dismal picture about humanity: Might is right ... even if the argument is wrong.

  • WTWizard

    So what is wrong with a damn water fight? People get wetter than that in the shower.

    Or, maybe it is "immoral" to have any fun. Muslims are famous for that--some more liberal denominations are less likely to go after everything that is fun, but those in government positions are not the moderate versions. Most of the Muslims in government are likely to be the ones that insist that all fun is immoral. Which is why you have "morality police" making sure women are veiled at all times (maybe it's because it's so damn hot out that they don't want those veils?). They also have strict rules about fasting during Ramadan--I can see not eating food during daylight hours during Ramadan, but they can't even drink water. They also can't eat or drink until "one cannot tell a black thread from a white thread by natural daylight". From my experience, this happens to coincide with navigational twilight--which, north of 55 o N, can be all night at certain times of year.

    I don't know what those Muslim pigs are going to do in the next 6 or 7 years when Ramadan straddles the longest day of the Northern Hemisphere year. At latitudes around 30 o N, aside the heat, it might not be too bad. However, at around 43 o N, the "navigational twilight" cutoff can be as late as 9:40 PM on a clear evening, and I have seen light enough to tell a black thread from a white one at 4:20 AM on a clear morning. And, it gets worse as you approach 50 o N--having to wait until 10:30 PM and having it get too light as early as 3:30 in the morning in places like London. I can only hope those idiot rulers get stuck observing Ramadan in a place like Fairbanks, Alaska where civil twilight can last all night during the whole of Ramadan (and will in around 7 years). Let them starve--remember, they are not just to abstain from food but also water.

    The witlesses are almost as bad. While they might not get put to death for eating during the day during Ramadan, they have their own ways to waste people's lives. Field circus can be a burden--and not just during Ramadan (which is intended to spread the misery so everyone must feel it). They are also as likely as not to get hounded for using a water gun (a water bomb is just as likely to net a hounding). They also ban just about everything that is fun--if not at the organization level, at the hounder and hounder-hounder level.

  • botchtowersociety

    I got shot up with Nerf foam bullets by my son yesterday.

    Just one of the things he can do that I couldn't while mired in JWism at his age.


  • james_woods

    Somehow this thread reminded me of those nutbar Muslim protesters at the NY amusement park who threw a public fit because they were not allowed on certain rides with their long scarves on.

    They had been warned numerous times that the scarves were not allowed, but showed up and threw a fit about it anyway.

    At least they did not shoot water-poppers at each other.

    EDIT TO SAY - and please note this, apologists for "moderate" Islam: These people are considered mainstream Islam - not the Al Queda.

  • steve2
    EDIT TO SAY - and please note this, apologists for "moderate" Islam: These people are considered mainstream Islam - not the Al Queda.

    Ouch. James, it's hard to object when I agree with you! Nice to know religious idiocy isn't confined to the Christian belief system.

  • WTWizard

    I might add that most of the ones in rulership positions are not mainstream Muslims. The ones that make the rules are usually the extremists, the ones that insist that people should be executed for breaking Ramadan fasts, that women need face veils at all times, and that fun is immoral. They are also the ones that insist that Islam is supposed to force its way throughout the world at all costs. Those are the pigs.

    And it is those who insist that using a Super Soaker or water gun is an offense warranting severe punishment that should be observing Ramadan in a location north of the Arctic Circle when it straddles the solstice. Let them see how it feels to go beyond the things written at great personal hardship.

  • mummatron

    Without Allah's blessing on the use of holy water grenade launchers, faithful Muslims will be martyrs in the event of a vampire attack....

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