Do any here have adult children living with them?

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  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    The Filipino Community is strong with buildling up each other's family, they were once brought in to do work (pre-Hispanic Labor) in the fields.

    Once the familes learned the secrets of farming, they left to open up their own farms and crushing their competition often! Familes pool funds to aquire homes for their extended family (Imagine the sacrifice of living with four or five familes until you save enough to buy house 2, Money pooling continues with a possible addition "daughter marries equals six familes now" three families under two houses until the next house is bought. ect.....

    They know how to create wealth, live like nobody else to give their kids a good start! The Filipinos know how to bbq great!

  • talesin

    I did, but we got divorced ....

  • MrFreeze

    Part of me wishes I could still live at home but it is nice not living with the constant guilt trip of a JW mother and JW step-father.

    talesin, haha

  • JeffT

    Our three have all come and gone again a couple of times apiece. For reasons I won't go into here our oldest son's 8 year old daughter lives with us. He spends two or three days a week here. It seems to work, although my wife and I were somewhat younger when we last chased one that age. Our 36 yeare old daughter and her significant other have spent the last two summers with us, both are in grad school. Not sure if they're coming back this summer or not, we'll see.

    Last year at the start of the granddaughter's school I went to an open house. We met in small groups and to get things started they went around the room with a question "what do you want for your child by the time he/she leaves your care?" My answer was that I'm hoping my children leave my care by the time they are, say, forty.

    We have only been empty nesters for a couple of months

    It's not an empty nest until they take their crap out of the garage/attic/basement.

  • freydo

    Before my parents died, I lived with them for several years. it was like a childhood I never had when I needed them as friends, instead of task masters. We wound up being reluctant allies.

  • Chariklo

    Sometimes I do, as and when a need arises, for whatever reason.

    It's been proved. This house has elastic walls!

  • punkofnice

    My JW wife left me and my 'apostate'(TM) 2 boys 17 and 20 behind.

    Single parent and all thanks to the watchtower for making her it's tool in revenge against me.

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