We deleted 10 Elders

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  • Glander

    It is sobering to think for a moment of just those 11 men and what they are involved in by being Watchtower slaves, how entangled they are in such a dog & pony show with family ties, etc. Trapped rats without the brains or balls to gnaw their way out.

  • WTWizard

    I hope to see more of this. The fewer hounders there are, the more work it makes for those left, and if they get disgruntled or the work load gets too heavy, they might just start dogging their assignments.

  • blondie

    The majority stepped down themselves because they could no longer take the abuse from the other elders in this area, 8 in one congregation and they will never "reach" out again. They have been forced to appoint an alcoholic and a wife abuser, just as long as their "sins" are hidden from the congregation.

    A few CO cycles back, a CO came through and removed 20 elders in the circuit for not supporting WTS policies even if they did not work. A lot of hard-working elders were removed and replaced with brown-nosers.

  • Fernando

    Dear EmptyInside

    Possibly your mom might benefit from these two articles most likely written by Raymond Franz:

    1. Search wt lib for "legalism"
    2. Search wt lib for “Learning from an Experiment That Failed“

    Greetings and blessings


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    They seem to get rid of the most intelligent and qualified elders, too.

    Not only are the remaining, caring elders getting burnt out, the brown-nosers don't have anybody to really do the work, so things get messy. So Watchtower comes out with more articles saying brothers need to reach out. Brothers are thinking, "no thanks."

  • james_woods
    At this rate,,it may go back to the one congregation servant/elder again. like before '70s.

    Actually, before the 70s there was a committee of three - the congregation servant, the service overseer, and the bible study overseer. They were like the later elders in that only these three formed judicial committees.

    There were lesser servants (if enough people were available) for the ministry school, literature, and watchtower study. Also the tuesday-night book study conductors.

    All of these pretty much formed up the original congregational elders.

  • steve2

    Like extracting wisdom teeth, it hurts like hell. But, oh the relief afterwards for the sufferer! Let's hope that at least a few of these deleted elders take the time at long last to get a life.

  • Quarterback

    OMG, I misscounted again,,,,,there were actually 12 Elders deleted in our congregation.

  • Lady Viola
    Lady Viola

    there were 4 elders deleted from my congregation 2 years ago.

    they were all in their 60/70's and were deleted because a young couple were getting married while the husband was not free to marry according to one (younger) elder. the other elders didn't agree, because his ex had a boyfriend accotding to his children, but that was not enough evidence.

    whrn they were deleted, after the meeting you could only hear people cry and hugging each other out of grief. they were elders for a long time and much loved within the congregation.

    because of all this my dad had a stroke and i decided i could not pretend anymore and never went to a meeting again...

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