We deleted 10 Elders

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  • Quarterback

    My wife and I just decided to count all the Elders that were deleted in our KH in recent years. We couldn't believe that we counted

    upto 10. There are more deleted Elders in our KH, than there are Elders. Many are young, and a few are old....it's a mix.

    How many are in your KH?

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Why were they deleted?

  • baltar447

    Are any of them appointed as MS's again yet?

  • Quarterback

    Some were having marital problems...Low service hrs (under 10 hrs a month) Spouses didn't attend meetings,

    Disagreement with some Elders on the body, life. Someone in family, did something wrong.

    There wasn't anything morally wrong with these men...they just didn't have the Poster appearance. They are really decent men, though

  • Quarterback

    Yes, there is one, and he got disfellowshipped a few years ago, and came back. Never got a title again, but is being used in Literature.

    OMG....I forgot to count him.....that's 11.

  • sizemik

    Good news! . . . I needed a lift.

    Deleted Elders (some) are prompted to re-evaluate things. In the mean time they have more time to give to more important matters . . . their wives and families.

    Added to that, the WT$ no longer has them to push their corporate barrow.

    It's a win-win all round.

  • Quarterback

    I agree...These men are free, and are now taking trips, slowing down on FS, and spending lots of time with their families. In fact, they are living better and are in better spirits than the ones serving. The ones still serving are look loaded down, and sad. Their families are not too happy.

  • agonus

    Unfortunately it's going to have to come down to people being just so blasted miserable that they have no choice but to step down. I foresee that happening more and more.

  • EmptyInside

    I heard of a brother who is a MS,but will never be an elder,because his wife has so many phobias and can't make many meetings.

    My mother,a die-hard Witness finds this upsetting,and it doesn't make much sense to her. I think all these extra rules,and technicalities are getting her to think a bit.

    We made some progress tonight,when she agreed that the organization and local bodies of elders,have many pharisaic rules.

  • Gayle

    At this rate,,it may go back to the one congregation servant/elder again. like before '70s. Then, when those start wearing out, the organization will have to start to pay them, like other religions pay their local clergy.

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