Does Jesus discredit himself?

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  • MrFreeze

    Remember Jesus said (supposedly) that the flood took them ALL away. Don't you think that indicates that he believed it was total annihilation?

    And as regards Jesus' words being written later, I'm not discounting that Jesus never existed or that his words were twisted, but I'm just going based off what was written that he said.

  • sd-7

    Well, all of who? He didn't actually say all of mankind. And I'd argue that maybe the flood did happen, and there was a guy named Noah who built an ark and survived it. But that it didn't kill everyone but 8 people, that is, it wasn't global. The relevance of the story was, not that the Flood was global, but that it swept away those who weren't paying attention to Noah's ark-building and whatever he might've said to them about it.

    Either way, it's more complicated than just that one example. I'm sure Jesus existed, just as I'm sure Noah existed; but I think every detail may not necessarily be exactly as it really happened, since nobody could actually record every detail--and even Noah's story isn't written down until well into (or after) the time of Moses. I don't think the Flood reference discredits Jesus. It's an example he would likely use as his audience was familiar with it.


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    There are two views of Christ knowledge. One that seems more credible was that to be truly human he had no recall of his preexistence. The other view is that he did recall. I prefer view #1. If He said something about advanced science in this day, no one would believe him. I reread The Epic of Gilgamesh this past year. I don't think people in ancient times accepted stories as literal truth.

    Well, after Armageddon, we will have to ask Jesus Himself to find out the true answer. I can hardly wait.

  • PSacramento

    The flood story was a typical one, with typical grandious language, especially for a people that were not aware of the true vastness of the World.

    Lets not forget that Alexander conquered the world, that Rome ruled the World, etc.

    That a flood happened and that it was a very big one is accepted by historians ( dating is another issue), that it may have seemed to the people passing the story on via oral tradition that the WHOLE WORLD was covered is quite understandable.

  • tec

    Well, after Armageddon, we will have to ask Jesus Himself to find out the true answer. I can hardly wait.

    Why wait? Ask Christ now.



  • Terry

    Cultural references are common. In a particular ethnic bloc or community stories are commonly passed around and understood.

    President Ronald Reagan, for example, quoted Dirty Harry! (Go ahead, make my day!)

  • MrFreeze

    That's a very good point Terry.

    Thanks for the comments all. Wanted to see what other people thought about this.

  • bioflex

    Most people can believe whatever they want to believe and that doesnt affect the truth in anyway, saying the flood never happened means calling Jesus a lair, and calling God a lair too, and the bible says if you sin against the son of man you are able to be forgiven BUT if you sin against the Holy spirit then there is no FORGIVENESS. People have to mind the way they handle issues about God. A day is coming when we all would give accounts at to how we lived our lives. Each one can only hope for his or her salvation. God help us all.

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