Exposing the WT Affair with the UN - 9/11/11 Call to Action!

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  • Timothy Riches
    Timothy Riches

    Hello to all!

    Although many Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses know about the Watchtower's secret 10 year affair with the United Nations, the vast majority of Jehovah's Witnesses do not know. On Sunday September 11, 2011, we plan to let them know about it! Will you also? There was NEVER a formal disclosure to Jehovah's Witnesses at meetings or in WT literature or letters telling the JW's about the affair. Word is though, that several elder bodies - especia lly in the UK - did receive a letter from WT headquarters admitting their involvement with the UN and giving a deceitful excuse for becoming affiliated with the UN. Despite this, many elders still DO NOT know about this in the United States!

    So since the GB won't tell them, WE WILL! The plan is simple:
    (A) We will put flyers on the windshields of JW's while they are attending the meeting on 9/11/11. You can make your own flyer or use the one we produce for all to download and print. It will be a copy of the Guardian newspaper article that first exposed this in the UK in 2001 and a quote from the October 1st 1995 Watchtower in which the WT praised the U.N.
    (B) An extensive online campaign on 9/11/11 which includes making your own video exposing the WT/ UN affair, posting links on current JW's profile pages that expose the UN affair, and anything else that could get a lot of internet attention to this affair online that day.

    Any other ideas you have are welcome! Using banners, commenting at the WT meeting and telling about the affair (if you still have that luxury), shaking hands and telling them face to face, wearing t-shirts that tell about the affair to the meetings and conventions, etc., knocking on JW's doors, sending JW's letters, protests, getting in touch with news sources, etc., etc. These are all things we can do also or in addition to using flyers.

    Link to Guardian Newspaper Article exposing the WT / UN affair: http://www.guardian.co.uk/ uk/2001/oct/08/religion.wo rld

    Also a site with lots of helpful info on this subject: http://e-watchman.com/jeho vah/chapter-11-strange-bed fellows.html

    We have created a Facebook group dedicated to this project: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=198667956865343

  • Bella15

    AWESOME ... I will do my share ...

  • Timothy Riches
    Timothy Riches

    Great! I should point out that there is no 'official flyer' or anything, and what we intend is to use the Guardian link, specifically the link at the bottom of the article labeled 'printable version', which formats the text quite well.

    Also, there is a follow-up article released a week later that is much shorter giving details on the hasty withdrawal of the WT. It would make a fine side-2 to the printout:


  • Franklin Massey
    Franklin Massey

    Here in the US, 9/11 might not be the best day to go about doing this, especially if one of the goals is to attract media attention. Poor form if you ask me.

  • Timothy Riches
    Timothy Riches

    The goal is not to attract media attention, although that will be a nice bonus. The goal is to inform current JWs that their organization was in bed with the 'disgusting thing', no more, no less.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    It sounds good but I see one possible flaw. The date of 9/11-the tenth anniversary. The news will be so saturated with memorial service coverage and updates on the war against terror (that ceased being a war when Obama took office). I don't see a link between the UN and 9/11.

    May I ask what the Witnesses currently teach about the UN?

    During politcal campaigns, placards are placed along public streets to publicize the campaign. I was wondering about researching the land surrounding the Kingdom Hall. Legally, they can't touch a sign that is not on their property. There may be zoning issues.

    I do think that in the short run they will love being persecuted. Maybe a small fraction will go home and do research.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Placing flyers on private property (cars) on private property may cause legal problems. No one should do it without running through a local lawyer. I think the parties will know the rules more than a regular lawyer.

  • Timothy Riches
    Timothy Riches

    I don't think there will be legal ramifications, but I can't be sure. It is known that JWs invite all to attend their meetings, so there may be room for a conflict in that. At any rate, the worst that could come of it is a misdemeanor, which is something I'm more than willing to face. It is my understanding that the vehicles themselves are private property, in addition to the KH property. Again, I don't see charges of any kind being pressed, and it would probably be a simple matter to persuade the police or court of the benign intentions of the campaign.

    Again, there is no intention to gain news reports on the campaign. It is solely designed to put the truth about the UN/WT link in the faces of the JWs. Initially it was going to be a silent campaign so that there would be no possibility of the targets being alerted, but it was decided that in the interest of increasing the number of participants it would be better to publicise it to all XJWs who could participate.

    It is up to every participant to decide whether they wish to risk misdemeanor charges by placing the flyers. Personally, I will be participating despite that small risk and will take whatever penalties are meted out. There will be no indication on the flyers themselves who placed them, nor will there be any contact info whatsoever. It will only be a printout of the Guardian article of 2001.

  • RedCrayola

    Most Kingdom Halls have their own parking lots.

    Attendants do periodic checks on vehicles in the parking lot, and would take them off of the cars as fast as you could put them on.

    JW's never even have a chance to read the flyer.

    JW's wouldn't believe it even if they did read it; Just more lies, decpeptions and half-truths from Satanic apostates.

    Private property. Trespassing. Illegal.

    Charges pressed. Court appearances. Fines.

    WTBT$ 1

    Apostates 0

  • Mad Sweeney

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