Do we need a 'Faithful and Discrete Slave' ?

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  • ISP

    There is a thread already started on the subject of the FDS elsewhere but I thought we may as well deal with aspect.

    Do we need a FDS?
    What would we miss if we didn't have one?
    What additional new light do we need?

    When Jesus indicated how he would deal with people he did indicate that things would take place on a congregational basis. There is no mention of a FDS which would make all decisions. The individual congregations are rebuked etc. as oppose to anyone else.

    *** Rbi8 Revelation 1:20 ***
    20 As for the sacred secret of the seven stars that you saw upon my right hand, and [of] the seven golden lampstands: The seven stars mean [the] angels of the seven congregations, and the seven lampstands mean seven congregations.


  • Pathofthorns

    Sometimes I think we worried too much about "understandings" and "new light" when perhaps in doing so we were overlooking the simple beauty in the things that were obvious, as well as the bigger picture.

    We spent so much effort in gaining knowledge that turned out to be inaccurate, and so much time in sharing mistaken viewpoints to the neglect of doing the most basic of Christian requirements. That of loving and sharing with and being kind to others.


  • mommy

    Thank you Path,
    I am new to the internet, and am amazed at how many jw sites there are. There is so much research into little bitty details. To me this is exhausting. I understand that is where the brothers and sisters are at in thier healing process, so I except it.
    I for one have found peace in my heart. All I can do is cry for and pray for the ones who are still hurting. Because we all have witnessed what pain this org. brings about.
    My heartfelt love goes out to everyone on the board. I am so glad to have found you:)

  • amicus

    Pathofthorns has struck at the heart of the matter. I think that this has partially come about because of the structure of the org. When a small group of men set policy for millions of people the human element is lost. It dosen't matter how well intentioned they are, they are just too far removed from the rank and file. They become rigid and dogmatic.
    If you accept the societies def. of the FDS class, all of the anointed should have been included in the policy making decisions (I include intrepretation of scripture in this). This would have forced the org. to be much more loosely structured and I feel much more compassionate, loving, and, well, Christlike. I think the org. would have also come a lot closer to resembling that of the early Christians.
    Note: I personally am not convinced by the argument presented by the society that there is a FDS class. I use their definition here for sake of discussion only.

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  • larc

    I like everything that was said on this page. I personally find it boring, tedious, and a pointless waste of time to go into lengthy research and detailed debate on fine points of scripture. Sometimes, I wish people would just tell me what they believe in a sentence or two and not give me a huge explaination, because unless I happen to agree it, their scholarship is not going to affect me. No matter how clear to me is my thinking it is not going to change their's, and furthermore it really doesn't affect my life or theirs except for taking up time for more useful activities, like watching stand up comedy.

  • Venice

    Nice one larc, short and sweet.

    Jesus said to have faith and belive in him. He never said anything about a FDS or GB. He holds the elders in his hand. He knows everything we think, feel, need. Wouldn't you rather have him as your leader then a group of senile men that you've never met??? That keep changing thier mind on life threatening descions. Jehovah and Jesus haven't changed.

    'Do not put your trust in nobels (gb) nor in the son of earthling man, to whome no salvaion belongs.'


  • RedhorseWoman

    As an active JW, I heartily enjoyed deep scriptural discussions/debates.

    Since becoming inactive, my heart is no longer into the endless discussion of scriptural interpretation. Jehovah and Jesus have become much more personal to me as a result.

    Rather than examining doctrines under a microscope, I prefer exchanging laughter with those who understand where I have been. I prefer to live and extend compassion wherever possible.

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