Is the term, "Elder", "Pioneer", Publisher", scriptural?

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  • tec

    Blondie, in the NIV - it is 'proclaimed' and 'preached'. I don't recall ever seeing the word, 'published' in the bible. I'm curious as to how the WTS reasons 'published' being more accurate. How does the NWT render Mark 16:15?



  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    When Paul was alive and writing, they were all expecting the imminent return of Jesus. Because of that, they had no idea of the need for organised structure; Paul even spoke disparagingly of the Jerusalem Christians and their Apostle leaders.

    By the end of the first century (100 CE/AD) the initial expectation was giving way to theorising and rationalising, so we see those writers (Paul died about 61 CE) having a different focus, and a need to reason against the innumerable "heresies" coming into play.

    Hence those NT writings from that time reflect the changed internal politics, as well as seeing a need for structure, or at least a hierarchy.

    The writings from that period, such as Acts, Colossians, Ephesians, especially 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus, reflect that later period. (Acts is an historical reinvention).

    I often wonder if JWs have read the complete verse at Acts 5:42. I would be interested to see someone expand on every phrase in that verse -- especially when it says what they were saying house-to-house and in the temple courts.

    I also wonder whether JW's realise that the word "Witness" at Isa 43:10 (written during the Babylonian Captivity) means that those people had seen (witnessed) YHWH yet because they had not responded accordingly, YHWH was destroying them (read chapters 43 and 44 to see the context).


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