Is the term, "Elder", "Pioneer", Publisher", scriptural?

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    Is any of these titles actually in the Bible?

  • Joliette

    I think Elder may be, but the others I dont think so.

  • blondie

    (Acts 13:4-5) 4 Accordingly these men, sent out by the holy spirit, went down to Se?leu´cia, and from there they sailed away to Cy´prus. 5 And when they got to be in Sal´a?mis they began publishing the word of God in the synagogues of the Jews. They had John also as an attendant.

    (Acts 15:36) . . .Now after some days Paul said to Bar´na?bas: "Above all things, let us return and visit the brothers in every one of the cities in which we published the word of Jehovah to see how they are."

    (8 more times in Acts)

    No "pioneer" who were called "colporteurs" earlier.

    Except in Revelation, the WTS puts "older men/man" in the main text and references to "elder" in the footnote

  • sabastious

    Maybe "older men" is in the Bible, but "Watchtower Study Conductor" surely is not:

    Flock Book pg 25:

    Watchtower Study Conductor

    Since The Watchtower is the principal means by which the faithful and discreet slave dispenses spiritual food, the conductor chosen by the body of elders should be one of the best teachers on the body. (Jas. 3:1) He should also be one who has "great freeness of speech."-l Tim. 3:13.

    The following will help the conductor to carry out this assignment in a way that will enable the congregation to receive the most benefit from the lesson. -w03 9/1 pp. 21-22.

    • Presents brief, well-prepared opening remarks for one to one and a half minutes. Highlights the theme and theme scripture, and tries to stimulate interest in the lesson. May do this by calling attention to the subheadings, by mentioning questions in the teaching box, or by raising two or three rhetorical questions answered by the lesson. Demonstrates warmth and enthusiasm.
    • Does not comment excessively. Avoids any tendency to summarize or enhance comments from the audience. If the audience fails to comment on an important point, perhaps asking a specific auxiliary question will stimulate the thinking of the audience and prompt an appropriate comment. Should not ask additional questions unnecessarily, as this tends to stifle commenting.
    • Concentrates on the theme and main points, and highlights the practical value of the lesson rather than focusing on details. Since much research has been done in producing the lesson, he avoids bringing into the discussion extensive outside theocratic or secular material from personal research.
    • Focuses on the Bible. Encourages the audience to comment on the scriptures in the lesson. Has the designated scriptures read and commented on. However, the paragraphs should be read uninterrupted.
    • Encourages as many as possible to participate. Tactfully trains the audience that first answer should be a direct answer to the printed question. After that, audience may comment on Cited scriptures, supporting arguments, practical application of the material, and so forth. Encourages individuals to comment in their own words. Calls on only one person at a time. Does not scold the audience if answers are not forthcoming.
    • Considers the review box with the congregation.
    • Keeps concluding remarks under one and a half minutes.
    • Limits the study to no more than 60 minutes, excluding the songs and closing prayer.


  • Quarterback

    Thanks, Blondie.

    Never saw it in there, before now.

    Sab: Does the new Elder Book have the reg's for the Coordinator?

  • sabastious

    Maybe Paul was the Coordinator of the 1st century? Or maybe that was just when he was Saul.

    Flock Book pg 16:

    Coordinator of the Body of Elders

    The coordinator should be, if possible, one who has loyally served with the organization for many years. The congregation should respect him for his hard work in the ministry and for his efforts as a shepherd in behalf of the congregation. (Acts 20:24, 31) He should be a good organizer and care for his responsibilities in real earnest. (Rom. 12:8) He should possess genuine humility and appreciate his fellow elders and the value of a multitude of counselors. (Prov. 15:22; Phil. 2:3, 4; Jas. 4:10) He should care about people, loving them and being interested in their spiritual welfare. John 3:34, 35; 15:3; 1 Pet. 5: 2, 3) He should have the respect and cooperation of the congregation and his fellow elders on the body. He must be a spiritual man and should be approachable.

    The coordinator's duties include the following:

    Serves as chairman of meetings of the body of elders.

    He or another elder contacts the group overseers to determine the situation of each household when a disaster occurs. (km 2/97 p. 7) Notifies circuit overseer of results when compiled.

    Directly oversees the attendant, sound, and stage departments. Another elder may assist.

    Receives congregation mail, and passes it along to the secretary for circulation and filing.

    Compiles Scriptural and practical agendas outlining points for discussion at regular elders' meetings throughout the year.

    Distinguishes between items that individual elders can handle and those needing attention by the entire body of elders, so as to avoid unnecessarily taking the time of the entire body.-w961/15 p. 18 pars. 13-14.

    Makes sure that there is appropriate followthrough on decisions made by elders.

    Assigns Service Meeting parts. He may ask other elders to assist.

    Supervises the assigning of approved conductors and readers for the Congregation Bible Study.

    Arranges for public Bible discourses. Another elder or a well-qualified ministerial servant may assist.

    Approves all announcements made to the congregation, especially those of a judicial nature.

    Takes the lead in caring for details in preparation for the circuit overseer's visit.

    Serves as chairman of the Congregation Service Committee when considering regular or auxiliary pioneer applications, unassigned territory applications, or similar matters as required by the branch office.

    Calls a meeting of the body of elders when judicial matters arise if he is present when a matter comes to light.

    Arranges for two elders (a member of the Congregation Service Committee and usually the group overseer) to meet with each person desiring to become a new publisher.

    Along with the service overseer, determines whether it is advisable for another publisher to conduct a Bible study with the child of a Christian parent.-km 11/03 p. 3.16 "S/zepherd the Flock of God" -1 Peter 5:2

    Arranges for elders to review questions with baptismal candidates. If the assigned elder needs to take someone along when meeting with a sister, another elder should be used. However, if needed, a capable ministerial servant may accompany the assigned elder to review the questions in "Part I-Elementary Bible Teachings" and "Part Ill-Jehovah's Arrangement of Things." If the congregation has very few elders, capable ministerial servants who have demonstrated good judgment and discernment may be assigned to review the questions in "Part I- Elementary Bible Teachings" and "Part llI-Jehovah's Arrangement of Things." If the assigned ministerial servant needs to take someone along when meeting with a sister, another capable ministerial servant should be used. In all cases, only elders should be assigned to consider "Part ll-jehovah's Righteous Requirements."

    Arranges for two elders, one of them being the individual's group overseer, to meet with each baptized publisher one year following baptism to provide encouragement and helpful suggestions.

    Arranges for quarterly audit of congregation accounts.

    Authorizes payment of all normal operating expense of the congregation.

    Approves the items placed on the congregation information board.-km 1/89 p. 7.

    When needed, at the conclusion of his regular visit, the circuit overseer will submit a recommendation to the branch office for appointment of the coordinator of the body of elders. If a temporary adjustment is made apart from the circuit overseer's visit, the body of elders should immediately notify the branch office in a letter, signed by the Congregation Service Committee, explaining the reason for the change. A Coordinator of the Body of Elders/Secretary Change of Address (S-29) form should accompany the letter. If the coordinator will be away for a time, the body of elders should select one from among their number to act as a replacement during the absence. Mail and correspondence will be handled by the replacement during the time of absence.


  • Quarterback

    Thanks, Sab. That helps me out with something.

    Much Appreciated

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    During the Pastor Russell days, there were men who served as "Pilgrims" that were like today's Circuit Servants, and a bit later on (probably during rutherford's reign, given his fondness for military terminology), there were people who were called "sharpshooters", but I'm not real clear on what their function was.

    "Elder" is a direct english equivalent of the Greek word presbys (old man), and "ministerial servant" is the Watchtower's version of the Greek word diakonos (servant) which other churches call "deacons."

  • foolsparadise

    Damn Blondie how do you always post such informative information so quickly? Your good ;)

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